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1965.08.07 Joni's next appearance Mariposa Folk Festival — Innis Lake Campground Caledon East, ON

Joni was a late addition, performing at two concerts as well as
an afternoon workshop. These were her first major appearances
before a large audience. The festival dates were Aug. 6-8.

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  • Joni performing on stage.<br>Photo from York University.
  • Joni performing on stage.<br>
Photo from York University.

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RonG on

(Original comment was posted referring to 1966 Mariposa...it was in fact 1965)

I did an autoharp workshop at the festival the year Joni was appearing...this was a real event for her, a coming out, because her contemporaries knew what a tremendous talent she was, and finally everyone else would too...and she was a hit! I was fortunate to have opened for her (with my partner Eric) in clubs in Toronto, and in Saginaw, (forget the club off hand....40+ years is a long time ago), in Detroit at the Cellar I think it was and the Sippin Lizard in Flint...remember sitting in the Chess Mate in Detroit with her, watching Jim & Jean Glover perform, and she scribbling thoughts on napkins.
Her writing is like an artist with a brush, vivid pictures on a canvas of music. I will love her forever

Kyrbe on

I attended Mariposa in '65 and it kills me that I can't remember Joni Anderson. I remember Son House with a red fiber glass electric guitar, the Country Gentlemen, Lightfoot and, most especially, Phil Ochs singing through a bull horn in the pouring rain when the electricity went out during an evening concert. I remember Joni at subsequent Mariposa festivals (eg. at Centre Island) but my 62-year old brain won't co-operate in retrieving the memory of her songs at Innis Lake. I would love to know more about her performance in the hope that it will jog my memory.