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Tenco Award 1988 - Ariston di Theatre - Rai 1 TV

Joni Mitchell - L’impegno - L’amore (ie: The Commitment - Love)
October 22, 1988

Sanremo Songfest, Sanremo, Italy

Joni appears at the Sanremo Song Fest where she also received the 1988 Tenco Award for her songwriting.

"L'impegno. L'amore"
Premio Tenco 1988
Teatro Ariston, Sanremo, Italy

Joni Mitchell: guitar and vocals
Larry Klein: bass

Set List - As Broadcast
00:00 Introduction
01:30 Night Ride Home
05:13 Lakota
13:03 Talk
14:33 Hejira
21:38 Talk
22:18 Number One
26:08 Premio Tenco - Award Presentation
29:00 Talk
29:25 Speechless - A work in progress **
** A wordless version of the song that became
Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free)

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