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The Making of 'Tears Are Not Enough'

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February 10, 1985

A fan compilation/ cut up of the CBC documentary. Originally uploaded to YouTube in 3 parts.

Fan's notes (kingofsmuts95):

It's 1985, Award winning producer David Foster brings together the top talent in Canada to make an Ethiopian famine relief song. This video is a dedication to the recognition of those who are involved in the Northern Lights project. I, like many other people, have come across lists of names of those who participated in the song and have wondered who they are. Also, I have come across names i recognize but I am unable to see what their role was in the production.

So I put together a video showing the making of the song "Tears Are Not Enough" with the purpose of identifying all the talent from those various lists. I hope I mentioned everybody, and that I correctly identified everybody.

I put the artists in the order they appear in the song rather than in the order they were recorded. Comments like Joni Mitchell repeating Neil Young's line "That's my sound!" seems out of place, but I feel it was easier to follow if it was in the order of the song.

I do NOT take any credit for the video content as it is all from an original VHS tape from the CBC that I bought. I apologize for the poor video quality as it appears the video has degraded after 27 years.

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