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Joni Mitchell

In Her Own Words

by Malka Marom [ECW Press - 2014]
ISBN-13: 9781770411326
ASIN: 1770411321

When singer, musician, and broadcast journalist Malka Marom had the opportunity to interview Joni Mitchell in 1973, she was eager to reconnect with the performer she'd first met late one night in 1966 at a Yorkville coffeehouse. More conversations followed over the next four decades of friendship, and it was only after Joni and Malka completed their most recent recorded interview, in 2012, that Malka discovered the heart of their discussions: the creative process.

In Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words, Joni and Malka follow this thread through seven decades of life and art, discussing the influence of Joni's childhood, love and loss, playing dives and huge festivals, acclaim and criticism, poverty and affluence, glamorous triumphs and tragic mistakes.

This riveting narrative, told in interviews, lyrics, paintings, and photographs, is shared in the hope of illuminating a timeless body of work and inspiring others.

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John Jacobsong on

I recently started writing an opera for Amelia Earhart and poured over Joni's song "Amelia". As usual, her song elicited Joni's deep commitment to the Environment and to her role in advocating for Feminism through her uniquely clear and open channels. I stumbled on he words "False Alarm"... because I believe Amelia- just like Joni- flew into the Kitchens of America at a very important turn in our Cultural History. I hope to shed some musical light on her abilities as an aviator...and leave her Celebrity halo alone. I also listen over and over to 'Dog Eat Dog' on my phones while I beat my bones in the gym...what an astute word bag she has for encapsulating injustice. It could easily be God Tea God....but that is an imperfect reversal.

Doot on

I just got my hands on this book at my local bookstore! It's a lovely thing, with 4-color reproductions of paintings and album art, lots of lyrics, and interview excepts. Can't wait to spend some time with it.