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Guitar chords transcribed by Sue McNamara

Tuning: BF#D#D#F#B  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: B79035
Tuning pattern: x79035  (others in this same pattern)

Author Notes:

Here's a song I fell in love with when I first heard it on Turbulent Indigo.
I learned the chords from watching Joni's fingers on the PBS documentary on
Troubadours of Folk Festival, where she first introduced the song. This is
very classic Joni melody writing, on a par with Both Sides Now in its folk
simplicity. The chords are not that exotic or jazzy, but there's a fluidity
to the chord changes that really heightens the emotions of the lyrics - a
Joni trademark!

As before, I have not included the right-hand fingering - it's best left to
the individual player to flesh out. Select a tuning that best suits your
voice (the fingering is the same for all three):

Tuning on Turbulent Indigo album: BF#D#D#F#B (my guitar goes dead this low!)
Tuning on live performance: CGCEGC
Also can be played in DADF#AD

This transcription is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.
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