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Gabor, BB
   Big Yellow Taxi 1980
Gabrielle, Anita
   Woodstock 2004
Gadt, Anna
   Both Sides Now 2010
   Court And Spark 1997
Gallagher, Lee
   Both Sides Now 1975
Galt, Jill
   Both Sides Now
Gamble, William
   Cactus Tree 2008
   Down To You 2010
Gamboa, Helen
   Both Sides Now
  With The Ramrods backup band.
Gannon, Kris
   Chelsea Morning 2002
Gardner, Hilary
   Chelsea Morning 2014
Gardner, T.K.
   Both Sides Now 2013
Gardot, Melody
   Blue Motel Room
  Live broadcast on WXPN; downloaded from artist website
   Edith And The Kingpin
  Performed with Herbie Hancock on Abbey Road; audio from video.
Gargano, Michael
   Both Sides Now
   Night In The City 2004
Garrin Benfield Band
   Black Crow 2005
  Live recording; downloaded from website
Gartland, Orla
   A Case Of You 2013
Gary Shum and Carl Occhipinti
   The Circle Game
Gayle and Company
   Woodstock 2002
Gazarek, Sara
   Carey 2007
Gazarek, Sara
   The Circle Game 2005
Geertsma, Grant
   A Case Of You 2011
Gellman, Steven
   River 2014
Gemma Abrié & Miquel Àngel Cordero
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2014
Gendron, Gary
   Both Sides Now 1976
Generation Jones
   A Case Of You
   Carey 2010
   All I Want 2002
   Both Sides Now 2002
  Mother-daughter duo; Holly Brook Hafermann & Candace Kreitlow
George Maurer Jazz Group
   River 2007
George, Abadou
   Both Sides Now 2011
   Help Me 2010
   Cactus Tree 1971
   Michael From Mountains 1971
Gerrard, David
   Both Sides Now 2000
Gervais, Lorraine
   A Case Of You 2000
Gervais, Lorraine
   Blue Motel Room 2000
Gervais, Lorraine
   Edith And The Kingpin 2007
Get Lucky
   Big Yellow Taxi
Getz, Stan
   Both Sides Now 1969
Gibbons, Polly
   All I Want 2014
Gifford, Kathie Lee
   The Circle Game 2000
  A medley with "Born For You".
Gilbert, Andy
   Blue 2006
  Compilation on Australian label
Gilbert, Vance
   A Case Of You 2006
Giles, Martin
   For Free 2012
  From 2012 JMDL fundraiser
Gilewitz, Richard
   Both Sides Now 2011
Gill Sandell & Chris T-T
   Cactus Tree 2015
Gill, Elmer
   Both Sides Now
Gillam, Lisa
   Both Sides Now 2009
Gillespie, Dizzy
   Both Sides Now 1969
Gillies, Anne Lorne
   Both Sides Now 1975
Gimbel, Jesse
   River 2014
  Download from website
Gini & Dr. Joe
   Tin Angel 2002
   Woodstock 2006
  Unreleased live performance
Girls Next Door
   River 1999
Giulia Firpo 4tet
   A Case Of You 2007
   All I Want 2011
   Blue 2011
   Both Sides Now 2011
   Rainy Night House 2011
   Woodstock 2011
Givertz, Danny
   Woodstock 2013
Gledhill, Mindy
   Both Sides Now 2007
Glen Campbell & Leslie Uggams
   Both Sides Now
  Audio from TV broadcast
Glenn Miller Band
   Both Sides Now 1970
Glenshire Elementary Singing Eagles 2003/04
   The Circle Game
Glória - Dublin's Lesbian and Gay Choir
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
   Big Yellow Taxi
  Duo from Iceland - audio from a video.
Go Four 3
   This Flight Tonight 1986
Godfrey Daniel
   Woodstock 1972
Godfrey, Billie
   Woodstock 2009
Goerke, Joachim
   Both Sides Now 2009
Goldings, Larry
   All I Want 2011
Goldings, Larry & Trio
   Woodstock 1999
Goldman, Sharon
   Carey 2012
Goldsmith, Kaitlyn
   Both Sides Now
  Audio from Artist website
Gonda, Terry
   Both Sides Now 2003
Gonnie & Igor
  Igor Demydczuk - keyboards
Gonzo, Paulo
   How Do You Stop 2010
Good Egg
   A Case Of You 1980
Goodman, Benny
   Both Sides Now 1970
Goodspeed, Jenny
   The Arrangement 2007
Goody Shack
   Woodstock 2009
Göran Fristorp & Anna-Lotta Larsson
   Both Sides Now
Gordon, Todd
   Both Sides Now 2005
  Produced by Ian Shaw
Gott, Michael
   Both Sides Now 2006
Gottschalk, Norbert
   Both Sides Now
Gould, Terry
   Chelsea Morning 1969
Goulet, Robert
   Both Sides Now 1969
Gourlay, Calum
   Both Sides Now 2015
Gov't Mule
   Woodstock 2010
Grace Acoustic Trio
   Big Yellow Taxi 2012
   Both Sides Now 2012
Grace Notes
   River 1993
Grace, Christie
   Both Sides Now 2007
   Woodstock 2007
Graeme Lyall and The Joe Chindamo Trio
   God Must Be A Boogie Man 2004
Graham & Company
   Both Sides Now 2002
Graham Blvd
   Big Yellow Taxi 2008
   Both Sides Now 2008
   Free Man In Paris 2008
   Help Me 2008
   Woodstock 2008
Graham, Davy
   Both Sides Now 1968
Grande, Guy-Michael
   A Case Of You 2006
Granelli, Jerry
   Rainy Night House 2001
Grant, Amy
   Big Yellow Taxi 1994
Grant, Eilidh
   A Case Of You 2009
Grant, Lorna
   Big Yellow Taxi 2000
Grant, Tom
   Both Sides Now 2004
   Both Sides Now 2014
Graschaire, Valérie
   Both Sides Now 2008
Grayson, Kathryn
   Both Sides Now
Grean, Lorin
   Big Yellow Taxi 2000
Green Day
   Big Yellow Taxi
Green Lyte Sunday
   Chelsea Morning 1970
Green Pyramids
   Both Sides Now 1998
Green, CeeLo
   River 2012
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2011
  Various artists
Green, Roger
   Both Sides Now 2008
Green, Simon
   Yvette In English 2004
Green, Tom
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2007
Green, Val
   Both Sides Now
Greer, Patty
   A Case Of You
   The Circle Game
   Both Sides Now 2012
Gregson, Clive & Christine Collister
   Same Situation 1990
Grener, Christopher
   Night In The City
Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann
   Both Sides Now 1978
  Recorded in Danish as "Livets cirkel"
Grey Eyed Strangers
   A Case Of You 2014
Grey, Joel
   Both Sides Now 1969
Grey, Skylar
   All I Want 2013
  From "Guitar Center Sessions"
Grier, Cathy
   Big Yellow Taxi 1988
Griffin, Donna
   The Circle Game 2000
Grimes, Carol
   Two Grey Rooms 2003
Grimes, Laura
   The Circle Game 2014
Grimmett, Steve
   This Flight Tonight 2011
Groenenberg, Saskia
   Black Crow 2007
Grossman, Judd
   Carey 2002
Grzegorz Karnas Band
   Black Crow 2011
Guillaume, Robert
   Both Sides Now 1996
Guillou, Jaclyn
   California 2011
Guilmette S.M., Rev. Emile
   Both Sides Now
Guitar Madness
   River 2005
  Vocals by Grazyna Auguscik
Guitard, Rocio
   Twisted 2011
Guneyman, Meral
   River 2004
  Original arrangement by Meral Guneyman
Gurewitsch, Kathryn
   The Circle Game 2012
Gustafsson, Rigmor
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2010
Guthorn, Katie
   Black Crow 2011
   Help Me 1999
Gwildis, Stefan
   Big Yellow Taxi 2008
  Recorded in German as "Wenn Es Wig Ist"
   Carey 2008