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   A Case Of You 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Zo Vol Van Jou"
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Grote Gele Taxi"
   Blue 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Triest"
   Both Sides Now 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Van Weerskanten"
   Coyote 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Jakhals"
   Edith And The Kingpin 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Edith"
   Furry Sings The Blues 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Furry"
   Hejira 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Vlucht"
   Jericho 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Jericho"
   Little Green 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Kleine Groen"
   Night Ride Home 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Nachtelijke Thuisreis"
   River 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Rivier"
   Slouching Towards Bethlehem 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Slepend"
   Woman Of Heart And Mind 2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Vrouw Met Gevoel En Verstand"
Kaffenberger, Bill
   Urge For Going 2005
Kahn, George
   Woodstock 2004
Kähönen, Niina
   Both Sides Now
   Big Yellow Taxi 2010
Kai, Carole
   Raised On Robbery 1978
Kaiser, Esther
   River 2010
Kalles World Tour
   Both Sides Now
   River 2011
   Both Sides Now
Karen Mal & Laurie McClain
   A Case Of You 2004
Karen Mal with Strings Attached
   Both Sides Now 2014
Karin Bachner Group
   River 2009
   Woodstock 1976
  Recorded in Finnish as "KESÄPÄIVÄ", translation by Liikanen Erkki Ilmari
   River 2011
  Download from Artist website
   A Case Of You 1986
   Both Sides Now 2012
   Big Yellow Taxi 2009
Kate & CJ
   River 1999
Kathryn Samman & Jérôme Beaulieu
   A Case Of You 2013
   Both Sides Now 2009
Kato, Asuka
   Chelsea Morning 2007
Katrina, Nina
   Twisted 2000
Katy Stephan + Classical Revolution
   The Last Time I Saw Richard 2012
Kaufmann, Denise
   Edith And The Kingpin 1976
   The Last Time I Saw Richard 1976
Kaye, Carol
   Twisted 1984
  Noreen Jackson - Vocal
Kaye, Charlene
   All I Want
Kaye, Ellen
   River 2011
KC And The Sunshine Band
   Both Sides Now 2015
Kearney, Lynn
   See You Sometime 2011
Keating, Ronan
   Both Sides Now 2009
   River 2009
  Also titled "Stay In Australia" for Australian market. Thanks to Paul C.
Keb' Mo'
   Big Yellow Taxi 2001
Keel, Howard
   Both Sides Now 1996
Keller, Sue
   River 2004
Kellner, Kelly
   Big Yellow Taxi 2005
Kelly McFarling & The Home Team
   Little Green 2013
Kelly, Bev
   The Circle Game 2010
  Previously unreleased material from sessions done in London in the early 70s
Kelly, Julie
   Both Sides Now 2006
   Woodstock 2006
Kelly, Nancy
   Twisted 1988
Kelly, Pat
   Both Sides Now
Ken Moule & The Full Score Orchestra
   Both Sides Now 1978
Ken Watters Group
   Both Sides Now 2001
Kendall, Lauren
   Both Sides Now 2002
Keng, Poon Sow
   Both Sides Now
  Chinese language
   Urge For Going 1999
Kennedy, Brian
   A Case Of You 2000
   A Case Of You 2013
   A Strange Boy 2013
   Amelia 2013
   Big Yellow Taxi 2006
  Issued September 10, 2006 as a bonus insert in Irish newspaper The Independent
   Free Man In Paris 2013
   Little Green 2013
   Michael From Mountains 2013
   Night Ride Home 2013
   River 2013
   The Fiddle And The Drum 2013
   You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) 2013
Kennedy, Kerrie
   Big Yellow Taxi
Kennedy, Shannon
   River 2008
Kennedy, Sherry
   Raised On Robbery 1996
Kenny Davis Road Show
   Both Sides Now 1972
  Recorded Live at Jason's House of Prime Rib, Bubank, CA 10-7-1972
Kentucky Express
   Big Yellow Taxi
Keogh, Carol
Kern, Matthew
   A Case Of You 2003
   River 2004
Kerry Kearney Band
   Both Sides Now 2001
Kesseler, Martin
   Both Sides Now 1994
  Titled "From Both Sides Now"
Keveren, Phillip
   Both Sides Now 2000
Kevin Halporn & Flor Guillén
   Both Sides Now 2010
   For The Roses 2010
  Audio from artist website
   Hejira 2010
Khan, Chaka
Khan, Chaka
   Ladies Man 2007
Khan, Chaka
   Man From Mars 2000
Ki, Patrick
   Both Sides Now 2001
Kicks & Sticks Voices
   Blue 2011
Kiki Wilmot & Kavisha Mazzella
   Little Green 2010
   All I Want 2012
Killingsworth, Olivia
   A Case Of You 2012
Kim Portnoy Trio
   Morning Morgantown 2004
Kimball, Bobby
   Woodstock 1996
Kimber, Julie
   Big Yellow Taxi 2011
Kind Of Like Spitting
   The Last Time I Saw Richard 2000
  Limited edition of 1000 copies in a rubber-stamped generic "Insound Tour Support Series" cardboard slipjacket with insert.
Kindred Spirit
   Big Yellow Taxi 2000
King, Chris Thomas
   Big Yellow Taxi 2006
King, Denis
   Both Sides Now 1976
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
King, Jonathon
   Free Man In Paris 1975
King, Kristin
   Cactus Tree 2010
King, Nancy
   Twisted 1999
King, Peter
   Little Green 1989
King, Phil
   Both Sides Now 2010
Kings Road
   Both Sides Now
Kingston, Ashley
   River 2013
Kinnavy, Trish
   Both Sides Now 2011
Kipyn Martin & Allison Shapira
   A Case Of You 2015
   Morning Morgantown 2015
   The Circle Game 2015
Kiri Te Kanawa
   Both Sides Now
   Little Green 1998
   My Old Man 1998
Kirkland, Jill
   Both Sides Now 1969
Kirsty Almeida & The Troubadours
   River 2012
   Blue 2012
   A Chair In The Sky 2004
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2000
Klaudia & Rico
   Conversation 1996
  Recorded as "He Comes For Conversation"
Klein, Mimi
   Be Cool 2014
Kloss, Eric & The Rhythm Section
   Songs To Aging Children Come 1970
Klüvers Big Band
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 1993
Knapp, Travis
   A Case Of You 2014
Knight, Lonnie
   For Free
   River 2013
Knutsen, Marianne Tovsrud
   Chinese Cafe 2012
   Night Ride Home 2012
   Sunny Sunday 2012
Koch, Becky
   Help Me 1978
Kohl, Roane, Fitzgerald
   Chelsea Morning 1998
Kojima, Nobuko
   Both Sides Now 2011
Kole, Hilary
   River 2014
Koloc, Bonnie
   Both Sides Now 2010
   Night In The City 2010
  Release of a 1969 concert
   The Circle Game 2010
  New release of a 1969 concert.
Konkova, Olga
   A Case Of You 2009
   Big Yellow Taxi 2009
   Both Sides Now 2009
   California 2009
   Coyote 2009
   God Must Be A Boogie Man 2009
   Help Me 2009
   In France They Kiss On Main Street 2009
   Ladies Of The Canyon 2009
   Little Green 2009
   River 2009
   Woodstock 2009
Koole, Ricky
   A Case Of You 2004
Koorvereniging Pro Musica
   Both Sides Now
  "From Both Sides Now"
Körberg, Tommy
   Both Sides Now
Koscova, Katka
   River 2005
Kosuke Onozaki & Rainbow Grand Orchestra
   The Circle Game
  A demonstration album from Japan.
Kovacs, Kamilla
   All I Want 2009
Kowalski, Mathieu
   Blonde In The Bleachers 2006
Krall, Diana
   A Case Of You 2000
   A Case Of You 2002
   Black Crow 2004
   Black Crow 2004
Kramer, Nicole
   Help Me 2005
Kraske, Heike
   A Case Of You 2011
   Both Sides Now 2011
   Twisted 2011
Kraus, Kat
   Both Sides Now 2010
Krause, Jim
   Both Sides Now 2015
Kräutler, Simon
   A Case Of You 2014
   Both Sides Now 2014
   I Had A King 2014
   River 2014
   Talk To Me 2014
Kreitzer, Elizabeth
   Rainy Night House 2011
Krief, Hervé
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2003
Kristiansen, Alice
   Woodstock 2014
Kristin Ladström & Per Ödberg
   A Case Of You 2010
  Audio from artist website
Krog, Karin
   All I Want 1974
Kruskamp, Jenifer
   Chelsea Morning 2003
Ku-Umba Frank Lacy & Mingus Big Band
   A Chair In The Sky 2015
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2015
   Sweet Sucker Dance 2015
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2015
Küchler, Lillemor
   Both Sides Now
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
Kühn, Axel
   Both Sides Now
  (feat. Kerstin Heiles)
Kuhn, Judy
   All I Want 2007
  Taken from a live performance posted on YouTube
   Help Me 2013
   Let The Wind Carry Me 2007
  Taken from a live performance posted on YouTube
   Night Ride Home 2013
Kuhr, Lenny
   Urge For Going 1972
  Also released as a B-side: A Side: "This Little Song Of Joy", Philips Cat # 6012 130
Kuney, Amy
   River 2008
Kung, Cilla
   Both Sides Now 2013
Kurman, Jo Anne
   Both Sides Now 2005
Kurtzman, Wendy
   Both Sides Now 2012
Kushibiki, Sayaka
   Big Yellow Taxi 2002
Kvande, Carol
   River 2014
Kwan, Bill
   Night Ride Home 2013
   Help Me 2001