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Nabors, Jim
   Both Sides Now 1973
Nadeau, Jean-Francoise
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
  From Myspace website
Nadja Stoller Trio
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2002
Nagata, George
   Both Sides Now 2015
Nah Youn Sun
   The Circle Game 2008
Naji, Natsu
   Both Sides Now 2013
   This Flight Tonight 2005
  Dowload from Website
Naked Barbies
   River 1998
Naked Blue
   Amelia 2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   In France They Kiss On Main Street 2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
Naked Voices
   Chinese Cafe 2002
   Chinese Cafe 2004
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
   Woodstock 1996
Nanaco, Sato
Naomi Ferguson & Graham Wardrop
   A Case Of You 2009
   Blue 2009
Nash, Graham
   A Case Of You 1992
  Crosby - Nash, at the Maxwell C. King Center; Melbourne FL January 17, 1992
   The Circle Game
  Recorded by 2001-2002 alumni from Camp Nawaka
   This Flight Tonight 1973
   This Flight Tonight 1994
  Unplugged version -bonus track
   This Flight Tonight 1992
   This Flight Tonight 1973
   This Flight Tonight 1997
Nease, Byron
   Both Sides Now 2008
   Big Yellow Taxi
Nehemiah H. Brown & The Faith Gospel Choir
   Big Yellow Taxi 2011
Neilson, Jack
   Blue Boy 2002
Nelson, Kinloch
   The Circle Game
  A medley with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind"
Nelson, Margie
   Be Cool 2010
Nelson, Riana
   A Case Of You 2010
Nelson, Ron
   Urge For Going
  Rare unreleased recording from the LOST DOG album. Ron Nelson: guitars, keyboards, bass. Maddy Schenkel: vocals, percussion Sarah McEachern: trumpet.
Nelson, Willie
   Both Sides Now 1970
   Big Yellow Taxi 2007
   A Case Of You 2010
   Big Yellow Taxi 2010
   Blue 2010
   Both Sides Now 2010
   Carey 2010
   Chelsea Morning 2010
   Conversation 2010
   For Free 2010
   I Don't Know Where I Stand 2010
   My Old Man 2010
   Rainy Night House 2010
   River 2010
   The Arrangement 2010
Nergaard, Silje
   Love 2008
  Live recording with Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra
   River 2010
Nes 'n Jazz
  From their MySpace page
Nesbitt, Bill
   Both Sides Now 2004
Nestrovski, Livia
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
Neuburg, Amy X
   California 2012
Neufeld, Chris
   Both Sides Now
Neve, Jef
   A Case Of You 2014
   Both Sides Now 2013
New Dream
   Chelsea Morning 1973
  from Melbourne, Australia
New Era
New West Guitar Group
   All I Want 2013
New, Terri
   Both Sides Now 2012
  (feat. Albert Sarko)
Newdelphia Sax Quartet
   Song For Sharon 2003
Newhall, Jeanne
   The Hissing Of Summer Lawns 2001
Newman, Phyllis
   Both Sides Now 1968
Newman, Shelean
   River 2009
Ni Fhearraigh, Aoife
   Both Sides Now 2002
Nicholas, Tomas
   Big Yellow Taxi 2010
Nicholas, Zoe
   Both Sides Now 2011
Nick Borgen and Scandinavians
   Both Sides Now
  Recorded in Swedish as "Jag Ser Med Andra Ögon Nu"
Nick Buzz
   River 1996
Nick Vernier Band
   Woodstock 2009
  Featuring Iain Matthews
Nicky Nicolai & Stefano Di Battista
   River 2009
Nicole Pache & le Parti Populaire du Jazz
   A Case Of You 2010
  Audio from artist website
Niegratschka, Klaus
   Big Yellow Taxi 2000
Niemack, Judy
   All I Want 1992
   Blue 2007
Nimoy, Leonard
   Both Sides Now 1968
Nirosta Steel
   River 2012
Nishida, Hikaru
   The Circle Game 2007
  Audio from a YouTube video
Nixon, Damian
   Amelia 2007
  Irish, born and bred in Derry
   Coyote 2007
  Irish, born and bred in Derry
   Edith And The Kingpin 2007
  Irish, born and bred in Derry
   Harry's House 2007
  Irish, born and bred in Derry
No Fixed Abode
   Big Yellow Taxi
Noble, Keri
   River 2008
Noland, Rick
   That Song About The Midway 2007
   Big Yellow Taxi 2013
Norbert Gottschalk & Frank Haunschild
   Black Crow 2009
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2007
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2003
Norby, Cæcilie
   Both Sides Now 2004
Nordwall, Jonas
   Both Sides Now
Norma Winstone & The Printmakers
   Two Grey Rooms
  Recorded at Kings Place London UK 13Jul2013 Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 "Jazz Line Up" HD stream master
Norma Winstone with the NDR Bigband
   Big Yellow Taxi 2006
   Blue 2011
North Bay Boys Choir
   Both Sides Now 1975
North of South
   The Circle Game
Northcott, Tom
   Night In The City
Northeastern University Downbeats
   Big Yellow Taxi 2004
Northern Dream
   A Case Of You
Norton, Denise
   Woodstock 1999
   Roses Blue 2008
Not Too Sharp
   Big Yellow Taxi 2011
Nothing But Treble
   All I Want 1995
Nowosad, Curtis
   My Old Man 2012
Nuance Live Group
   Help Me 2012
  From Israel; The singer is Moran Cohen Talmor and the guitarist is Rami Yosifuv
Nyman, Emily
   The Circle Game 2005