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P.M. Dawn
   Night In The City 2000
Pack, Jackie
   The Circle Game 1996
Page, Judy
   Both Sides Now 1969
Page, Ricky
   Chelsea Morning 1981
Paige, Allyson
   You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) 2001
Palivela, Bharathi
   My Old Man 2012
Palladio, Sam
   River 2014
Pallemaerts, Dre
   I Had A King 2007
Pallot, Nerina
Palmer, Angie
   A Case Of You 1999
   River 2012
Panic Painters
   People's Parties 1996
   Both Sides Now 1988
  Paradox was formed by 2 girls (Erica Li + Yvonne Lau) under the label of Hong Kong Rock-In Records.
   Both Sides Now 1988
  Remix version recorded in Chinese language
   Big Yellow Taxi 2011
  Audio from artist website
   Both Sides Now 1994
Paris, Genevieve
   Woodstock 1978
Parker High School Swingin' Broncs Pep Band
   Both Sides Now 1972
Parker, Illana Zauderer
   A Case Of You 2008
Parker, John
   Both Sides Now 2002
   I Think I Understand 2002
Parrish, Chantry
   California 2006
  Chantry Parrish is Ryan Beck and Ron Irizarry, out of Orlando, FL. This is a download from their website.
Parton, Dolly
   Both Sides Now 2005
  w/ Judy Collins and Rhonda Vincent
   The Circle Game
  A bootleg CD compilation consisting of recordings from Dolly's television shows.
Paspala, Elly
   Black Crow 1995
  Taken from a YouTube video of a 1995 TV broadcast
Passmore, Sarah
   A Case Of You 2013
Pat C
   Both Sides Now
Pat Surface and the Boundary Water Boys
   The Circle Game 2009
Patchy Fogg
   Woodstock 1975
Patrice Caratini, Hildegarde Wanzlawe, Rémi Sciuto
   A Case Of You 2015
Patrick McGinley & Family Style
   Big Yellow Taxi 2001
Patrick Regan Band
   The Dawntreader 1996
Patterson, Beth
   Ladies Of The Canyon 2002
Paul Booth Quintet
   Both Sides Now 2007
Paul Kaufman and Folks About Town
Paul Tillotson The Love Trio
   Big Yellow Taxi 2005
   Big Yellow Taxi 2008
  Live version, listed as "Big Swinging Taxi (Big Yellow Taxi)"
Paul, Lyn
   A Case Of You 2002
Pavey, Celia
   Woodstock 2013
  Performance on "The Voice" (Australia)
Pavolka, Akiko
   Amelia 1998
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 1998
Pearls Before Swine
   For Free 2004
Pedinotti, Sarah
   A Case Of You 2004
Peimer, Elisa
   Little Green 2012
Pellow, Marti
   River 2001
   River 2001
Penfield, Holly
   Both Sides Now 2005
Pennington, Maya
  Audio from Artist website
Penny Davies & Roger Ilott
   The Circle Game 2009
Penny Lim & The Silverstones
   The Circle Game
People Power Band
   Big Yellow Taxi 2010
People Who Get It
   A Case Of You 2007
  Downloaded from MySpace
Perez, Danílo
   The Fiddle And The Drum 2003
Perrine Mansuy Trio
   Both Sides Now 2010
Pestle, Hana
   River 2012
Pete Murray Orchestra
   Chelsea Morning 2008
Peter Eldridge & Cory Goodrich
   River 2013
Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett
   Be Cool 2011
   Blue 2011
   Blue Motel Room 2011
   Cherokee Louise 2011
   Love 2011
   Love Puts On A New Face 2011
   Man To Man 2011
   Moon At The Window 2011
   Sex Kills 2011
   Slouching Towards Bethlehem 2011
   Wild Things Run Fast 2011
   You Dream Flat Tires 2011
Peters, Kate
   All I Want 2000
   Both Sides Now 2000
   Both Sides Now 1994
  A CD-single, contains (4) versions of the song. In Dutch ("Samengaan"), French ("Avec Un Homme"), English, and unplugged.
Pettersson, Linda
   All I Want 2004
Pettipas, Scott
   Both Sides Now 2010
Peyroux, Madeleine
   River 2006
  Duet with k.d. lang
Pezanelli, Jack
   Both Sides Now 2006
Pfaffl, Katy
   River 2007
Phantoms of Future
   This Flight Tonight 1995
Phil Mattson & The P.M. Singers
   Night In The City 1986
Phillips, Barry
   Both Sides Now 2000
Phillips, Barry
   Woodstock 2010
Phillips, Neal
   Morning Morgantown 2007
Phillips, Sian
   Both Sides Now 2003
   Free Man In Paris 2010
Pia Schiering Orchester
   A Case Of You 2004
Piano Tribute Players
   A Case Of You 2014
   Big Yellow Taxi 2009
  EP - Instrumental
Pickwick Papers
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 1966
Pierre Dorge & Christian Sievert
   Both Sides Now 2013
Pietropaoli, Enzo
   River 1999
Pigg, Gabe
   Big Yellow Taxi 2003
Pillay, Al
   Both Sides Now 2007
Pinguin Moschner, Maggie Nicols & Joe Sachse
   Blue 1998
Pinhead Gunpowder
   Big Yellow Taxi 1992
Pinto, Lynn
   Big Yellow Taxi 2002
Pirerra, Irene
   A Case Of You 2011
Pizzarelli, John
   Free Man In Paris 2012
   A Case Of You 2006
  Download from band website
Play It With Moxie
   Twisted 2012
Plough, Alonzo Louis
   Edith And The Kingpin 2014
Poleri, Tosi
   A Case Of You
  Audio from artist website
Polifka, Steve
   If 2008
   Man From Mars 2000
Ponder, Carol
   Woodstock 2000
Pool, Melody
   River 2014
Porteus, Barbara
   All I Want 2009
   I Had A King 2009
Portigal, Chris
   Both Sides Now
Posselt, Siegfried
   Both Sides Now 1979
  From West Germany
Potter, Chris
   Ladies Of The Canyon 2009
Powell, Elena
   Amelia 2005
  Live Performance from "Women Of Heart And Mind - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell", March 2005
Pram Trio
   A Case Of You 2013
Presley, Elvis
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 1957
Prevost, Kim and Bill Solley
   Both Sides Now 2002
   Woodstock 2002
Price, Sydney
   Both Sides Now 2006
   Little Green 2006
Pride Valley Brass
   Both Sides Now
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
Primavera, Marlena
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 1999
Prina, Stephen
   A Case Of You 2011
   A Case Of You 1983
   A Case Of You 2001
Prince with Elisa Fiorillo
   Blue Motel Room 2010
  A bootleg from Paris concert July 23, 2010
Prince, Celeste
   A Case Of You
Prior, Marina
   Both Sides Now 2012
   River 2012
Project Sing!
   River 2001
Puglia, Lara
   A Case Of You 2014
   All I Want 2014
   Amelia 2014
   Black Crow 2014
   Both Sides Now 2014
   Ethiopia 2014
  A medley with "Shadows and Light"
   God Must Be A Boogie Man 2014
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2014
   Help Me 2014
   I Had A King 2014
   River 2014
   Shadows and Light 2014
  A medley with "Ethiopia"
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2014
Puoane, Tutu
   A Case Of You 2007
   I Don't Know Where I Stand 2009
Pura Fe
   This Flight Tonight 2009
Purvis and the Stray Dogs
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2014