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Bad Dreams
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Złe sny
   Hall, Lani   1975
   Manfred Mann's Earth Band   1986
   All Good Children   1979
   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Cole, Beth Anne   1976
   Murphy, Mark    1974
   Oberlin, Karen    2000
   Robert Glasper   2015
   Rubén Fernández - Andreu Zaragoza featuring Carme Canela, Pau Domenech & Zamak Quartet    2015
   Schurr, Josh  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Shaw, Ian   2006
Be Cool
   Aitken, Dawn   2000
   Brooks, Sylvia   2012
   Claasen, Fay   2010
   Crow, Barbara   2012
   Dexter, Baby Jane   2005
   Donatelli, Denise   2008
   Esmé, Francesca    2011
   Fabio Ranza & Elisabetta Zamberlan   2002
   Ferry, Erna   2000
   Fitzgerald, Jacqui   1985
   Heffernan, Honor   2005
   Jack Grassel & Jill Jensen   2010
   Juul, Mette   2012
   Klein, Mimi   2014
   Lydia Van Dam Group   1999
   Martin, Claire   1996
   Martin, Claire   2003
   McCall, Azure   2003
   McCartney, Carol    2014
   Milman, Sophie   2009
   Moring, Cyndi   2013
   Murphy, Orla    2007
   Nelson, Margie   2010
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Shaw, Ian   2011
   Sullivan, Christine   1996
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   The Delerium Blues Project   2008
   Trio Bert Lochs & Lydia van Dam  
  Live recording from a concert in Boxmeer. Filmed and edited by Juul Thielen, sound engineer: Guido Nieuwdorp, mix: Bert Lochs. Translated to Dutch as "Blijf koel"
   Wolper, Andrea   2011
Big Yellow Taxi
   Aires, Hollie    2014
   Akasa   2010
  a Joni Mitchell tribute album by Australian folk
   Alan Tew Orchestra   1971
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Alexander , Monty   1970
   Alías, Celeste    2011
   Alibrandi, Lisa    2000
   Allagash   2002
   Alvord, Tiffany    2014
   Amodeo-Vickery, Tess   2012
   Ann, Keren   2003
  Unreleased; from a live performance
   Anna I   2004
   Anneloes Verveld Combo   2003
   Anschell, Bill    2011
   Applegate, Bob   2003
   Aquila Rose & Idana Valdes    2009
  Produced to raise awareness and funds for climate crisis projects and natural disaster relief.
   Autorickshaw    2013
   Avenue   1970
   Azevedo, Julie de   1996
   Ballroom Dance Orchestra   2005
   Banks, Tommy   1978
   Barbarino, Linda  
   Barbera, Berti    2015
   Barnes, Ilene   2010
   Basset, Karen   2012
   Baxter, Gwen  
  Cassette - Private Wisconsin label
   BB Band   1999
   Be Sharp   2006
  Dutch acapella
   Beach, Cat   2009
   Beazley, Del   1995
   Betsy & Chris   1971
   Beyond The Influences (BeTI)  
   Biddle, Jenny   2014
   Big Country   1996
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2012
   Bligan, Liz   2007
   Bloomsbury Pops   1997
   Blue Lightning   2007
   Bobby Morganstein Productions   2010
   Bond, Tasha   2014
   Brennan, Maire   1994
   Brian Kirk and The Jirks  
  Live download from their website
   Brooks, Dave  
   Bruce, Lana   2011
   Buckingham, Lindsey & Mick Fleetwood  
  Recorded for Reprise Records' "A Case Of Joni" but unreleased.
   Bukeka Shoals with Ken Lovern's OJT   2006
   Butler, Harold   1977
  45 Single - A Side is "Freedom Taxi", and instrumental built around Big Yellow Taxi, B-side is a dub version of the same called "Freedom Version".
   Buzz Toyz   2004
  Download from their website
   C.S. Heath & Jonas James    2005
   Campbell, Tracey   1997
   Canadian Suite   2002
   Caplinger, Dennis   2005
   Captain Smartypants   2004
   Captain Vic   2002
   Carroll, Liane   2000
   Central Park Band   1997
   Chapman, S. A.  
   Charly Records Studio Group   2006
   Chasing Memories   2010
   Cher   2005
  A Bootleg compilation of TV and live appearances
   Chris Lee & Jenny Howe   2007
   Clarke, Rona   1975
   Claytone, Clara   2013
   Code One  
   Colgate Swingin' Gates   2002
   Colvin, Shawn with Mary Chapin Carpenter & James Taylor   2000
   Confetti   2014
   Connor, Carly   2013
  An online collection of iconic protest songs covers recorded for Bono's anti-poverty campaigning organisation, ONE, in the lead-up to the 2013 G8 summit in Northern Ireland. These recordings are among a series of events under the project name "agit8" to raise public awareness of global poverty and pressurise political leaders to support smart and effective policies to save lives.
   Corporate Cash Cows  
   Cossu, Barbara   2013
   Counting Crows   2002
   Counting Crows (featuring Vanessa Carlton)   2003
   Crawford, Allan   1970
   CU Buffoons   2012
  College acapella from Colorado University
   Dan & Lyla  
  Audio from artist website
   Dangerous Folk   2010
   Dark One Lite   2004
   Dassin, Joe    1970
  Recorded in French as "Le Grand Parking" - translation by C.Lemesle
   Davies, Colin  
  Download from artist's Soundclick website
   Davies, Julian   2004
   Davis, Rachael   2003
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Defrenchy Duo  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Denjean, Claude & Synthesizer   1973
   DesLauriers, Marsha    2003
   Devany Jr., David    2006
  Download from Artist website
   Diaz, Gabriela  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Dig It All    2013
   Dimmick, Sharyn   2009
   Dixon, Carl   2003
   DMX Krew   2007
   Douglas, Shirley   1980
   Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8   2013
   Dylan, Bob   1973
   Earthlings Electric Washboard Band   2010
   Eason, Sam   2014
   Ecco Singers   2014
   Eddie From Ohio  
   Elmerhassel   1991
   Engling, Gail    2012
   English, Hannah  
  Download from artist's Soundclick website
   Erelli, Mark   2013
  Released November 2013 as his monthly mp3 as a tribute to Joni's 70th birthday.
   Esmé Bos   2002
   Eu, Dick    2014
  feat. Rosita Ng
   Exit 9   2007
   Face2Face   1999
   Faegre, Dierdre Leah   2011
   Faith, Percy    1971
   Falciani, Dave   2003
   Feather and Down   2012
   Feddy, Jason   1993
   Figueiredo, Armando   2008
   Flagman Ahead   1999
   Flandez, Warren Dean   2011
   Flash Connection   2006
   Fletcher, Mary   2009
   Flip Peters and Larry Maltz   2015
   Gabor, BB    1980
   Get Lucky  
   Glória - Dublin's Lesbian and Gay Choir    2014
  Duo from Iceland - audio from a video.
   Grace Acoustic Trio   2012
   Graham Blvd   2008
   Grant, Amy   1994
   Grant, Lorna   2000
   Grean, Lorin    2000
   Green Day  
   Grier, Cathy   1988
   Gwildis, Stefan   2008
  Recorded in German as "Wenn Es Wig Ist"
   Haime, Vera    2000
   Hamman, Sara   2003
   Harper, Claire   2005
   Harrington, Paul   2010
   Harrison, Carmel  
   Harvard Opportunes   2003
   Heath & Molly   2014
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Henry, Nicole   2013
   Herve, Andre   1970
  French Release
   Het Borghuis Collectief   2011
  Het Borghuis is a restaurant where they also play live music.
   Higgins, Rachel and Hugh   1992
   Hislop, Andy   
   Ho, Daniel   2006
   Hodge Podge  
   Holloway, Diane    1999
   Hollywood Session Singers  
   Hopeless Romantics    2012
  From Croatia
   Hulabahoos   2004
   Hyman , Dick    1971
   Ian & Helen C   2004
   In Pieces  
  Audio from artist website
   Ithacappella   2006
  Lead vocals by Tim Nowak '07, arranged by Don Ferlazzo '05
   Itsuwa, Mayumi  
   Itt   2012
   J-Min   2007
   J.R. & Sharon   1998
   Jade   2003
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Duża żółta taksówka
   Janna   2006
   Jansen, Leoni   2008
   Jockel   1997
   Jon and Sue  
   Jovie   2013
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Grote Gele Taxi"
   Kai   2010
   Kat   2009
   Keb' Mo'   2001
   Kellner, Kelly   2005
   Kennedy, Brian   2006
  Issued September 10, 2006 as a bonus insert in Irish newspaper The Independent
   Kennedy, Kerrie  
   Kentucky Express  
   Kimber, Julie    2011
   Kindred Spirit   2000
   King, Chris Thomas    2006
   Konkova, Olga   2009
   Kushibiki, Sayaka   2002
   laidbook   2010
   Lamboy, Greg   2014
   Lanzetti, Bernardo    1999
   Lapointe, Lauren   2007
  Savannah Folk Music Society
   Last Call   2005
  All-male acapella from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
   Lavell, Dee Dee   2014
   Lawrence, Claire    1975
  CBC Broadcast Album
   Lee, Nancy    2010
   Lehman, Ted  
  A medley with Woodstock
   Lemonier, Marion  
   Lennon & Maisy   2014
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Libman, Jeff  
  Live performance; downloaded from website
   Lilac Sheer with Shay Tochner    2010
   Lilac Time   1989
   Lindsay Thomas Morgan    2007
   Little Gas  
   Little, Stephanie Tucker   2007
   Loach, Vickie-Maree  
   Loaded Boxers  
   London Pro Musica Choir   2008
   Lorencová, Zdenka    1975
  Recorded in Czech as "Zlutý taxík"
   Los Valldemosa  
   Lotus   1994
  Performed by Lotus (Dana Chapman, Sherrie Lutsch & Kelly Teague).
   Maine Steiners   2005
  Acapella from University of Maine
   Makin' Whoopee  
   Maniscalco, Chuck    2005
   Maria Pia De Vito, Danilo Rea,Enzo Pietropaoli, Aldo Romano   2008
  Bonus Track added to 2008 re-release
   Martin, Lynn  
   Martini, Mia   1996
   McDonald, Shelagh  
   McKenzie, Sarah    2012
   McLachlan, Sarah & Lilith Fair  
   McNaughton, Eddie   2011
   McQueen, Valerie  
  Live recording; audio from artist website - featuring Mickey Nelson
   Me And Them  
  Website download
   Mead, Gale    2007
   Megalomaniacs   2001
  Acapella from Colby University
   Meinhardt Merry   2012
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Mezek, Aleksander    1977
  From Yugoslavia, recorded as "Mo~je V rnem"
   Mhairi, Brigid   2007
  From YouTube
   Michael & Jello   2013
   Milk And Honey   2003
   Miller, Betsy    2013
   Min   1998
   Mitchell, Katy   2005
   Mitchell, Scott  
  Audio from artist website
   Mixed Company   2004
   Mockingbird   2007
   Modern Folk Quartet   1999
   Moore, Bill   1969
   Mosaic Whispers   2004
  College acapella from Washington University
   Moser, Kathy   2009
   Myhre, Wenche  
   Nehemiah H. Brown & The Faith Gospel Choir   2011
   Nena   2007
   Nereide   2010
   Nicholas, Tomas    2010
   Niegratschka, Klaus    2000
   No Fixed Abode  
   Noon   2013
   Norma Winstone with the NDR Bigband   2006
   Northeastern University Downbeats   2004
   Not Too Sharp   2011
   O'Brien, Paul   2013
   O'Keefe, Ryan   2014
   Parallel   2011
  Audio from artist website
   Patrick McGinley & Family Style    2001
   Paul Tillotson The Love Trio   2005
   Paul Tillotson The Love Trio   2008
  Live version, listed as "Big Swinging Taxi (Big Yellow Taxi)"
   People Power Band   2010
   Piano Tribute Players   2009
  EP - Instrumental
   Pigg, Gabe   2003
   Pinhead Gunpowder   1992
   Pinto, Lynn   2002
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Rankin, John   2002
   Ray Kelley Band   1999
   Reed, Catherine   2003
   Richardson, Monica   2007
   Richter, Chip    2014
  Released as "Big Yellow Bus (Taxi)"
   Rock Kids Biz   2014
   Saline Fiddlers   2010
   Sally Barker - Joni Mitchell Project   2010
   San2 & Sebastian Schwarzenberger   2014
   Santos, Paolo   2003
  From a Video Compact Disc
   Satin Sheets   1975
  A group of Toronto performers organized exclusively for CBC recordings by Rob McConnell.
   Saunter, Riddim    2007
   Schettino, Gemma   2004
   Schinkel, Gerd  
   Scott, Lorraine   1992
   Shadows and Light  
   Sharino, Alison   2003
   Sheer, Ireen   1970
   Shih, Patricia    2014
   Simon and Jane Gomez   1978
  Auckland, N.Z
   Sklar, Brian    2003
   Skonberg, Bria    2012
   Sky, Katie   2012
   Skylark Acoustic   2015
   Sly & Robbie   2007
   Smith, Sara   1974
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Staring, Roland   2004
  Download from his website
   Steel Sunrise Steel Band   2001
   Sugar Beats   1993
   Sunday Folk   1981
   Supple, Brooke   2012
   Susan Govali and Terry Disley   2008
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   Tabitha Fair & The Little Monsters   2009
  A Little Monster Earth Day Special
   Tangled Up In Blue   2004
  University of Wisconsin acapella
   Tar Heel Voices   2000
   Tara Scheyer & The Mud Puppy Band   2009
   Taylor, Richard   2009
   The Aaron James Collective   2014
  Live at Humber College
   The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours   2009
   The Albion Band   1999
   The Bates College Merimanders   1992
   The Chief Whips   2007
   The Come Dancing Orchestra   2004
   The Crawfords - Mario Cavallero Et Son Orchestre  
   The Dartmouth Rockapellas   1996
   The DQ of Amherst College   2000
   The Enigma Machine   2010
   The Eyewall Band   2006
   The Harris Family   2012
   The Hit Crew   2004
   The Hyannis Sound   2005
   The Idea Of North   2013
   The Kids Picks Singers   2003
   The Luv Handles  
  Download from band website; a medley with a cover of "Absolutely Right" by The Five Man Electrical Band
   The Neighborhood   1970
   The New Group   2003
   The Paris Studio Orchestra & Singers   2008
   The Poor Richards  
  William and Franklin College
   The Practicers   2000
   The Quality Kids   2003
   The Retards  
   The Retro Rockets  
  Download from Band Website
   The Rhythm Method  
   The Rock Masters   2008
   The Shivers   1991
   The Soundalikes   2004
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   The Sunbeams   2011
   The Sweets   2010
  Audio from artist website
   The Swinging 'Gates   1987
  Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) female acapella group
   The Take  
   The Tindalls   2005
   The Tony Chappell Orchestra  
   The Ukaye Ukes    2011
   The Wakes   2011
   The Wright Kids   2011
   The Yello Allstars  
   Therapy   1973
   Thibeault, Fabienne    2004
  Recorded in French as "Le Grand Parking"
   Thistle, Charlotte  
  Download from Artist website
   Thomas Kölling Acoustic Jazz&Song   2005
   Thomas, Mike   2015
   Throwing Stuff   2013
   Timmer, Mirjam   2007
   Tous les oiseaux d’Europe    2011
   Toxic Audio  
   Triple Trio   1997
   Two Tight   2004
   Ty & Ayesha  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Uncle Seth  
  Live, downloaded from band's website
   Vallance, Joanne  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Vehkavaara, Kenny & Silvio Simone   2001
   Vikki and James  
   Vincent's Chair   2002
   Vinnick, Sheppard & Harte   2007
  Suzie Vinnick, Kim Sheppard, and Elanah Harte in a folk power trio.
   Voce   1996
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Walker, Debi Sander   2008
   Warwick, Rachael   2013
   When The Cat's Away   1989
   White Hot   2010
  Audio from artist website
   White On Black   1974
   Whyton, Wally   1972
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007
   Wilmot, Linda    2000
   Wilson, Julie   2002
   Winch, Ray   2001
   Wojtal, Liz  
   Wong, Susan   2010
   Yager, Andy   2007
  Downloaded from artist's Soundclick page
   Yarema, Tyler    2003
   Yarushina, Alyona   2013
   Yoshiko, Goshima    2001
   Youmou-to-Ohana   2012
   Young, Justin   2003
   Yung, Samara   2011
   Zilbersmith, Carla   2009
Black Crow
   Aafje van Summeren Trio   2005
   Agnes Heginger & Georg Breinschmid   2005
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Black Crow   2010
  Audio from artist website
   Chaudry, Aneesa   2014
   Copeland, Shemekia   2009
   David Linx And The Brussels Jazz Orchestra   2007
   Dinc, Ipek  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Duo   2009
   Garrin Benfield Band   2005
  Live recording; downloaded from website
   Groenenberg, Saskia   2007
   Grzegorz Karnas Band    2011
   Guthorn, Katie   2011
   Hege Nielsen Kvartett  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Hodgkin, Kerry   2010
   Inga Luehning & volume   
   Irma Schultz Keller   2010
  Translated to Swedish as "Svart kråka"
   Jenson, Mary  
   Johnson, Molly   1992
   Krall, Diana   2004
   Krall, Diana   2004
   Lahm, David   2001
   Lemoine, Stephanie  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Lydia Van Dam Group   1999
   Montellanico, Ada   2011
   Moore, Kate   2013
   Norbert Gottschalk & Frank Haunschild   2009
   Ogre   2012
   Paspala, Elly   1995
  Taken from a YouTube video of a 1995 TV broadcast
   Puglia, Lara   2014
   Raven   2014
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2014
   Sullivan, Christine   2010
   Swearingen, Inga    2005
   Taylor, Will    2001
   The Bryan Thomas Band   2002
   Theissmann, Lothar   2003
   Thomas, Bryan   1997
   Thompson, Richard   2000
   Tracy and the Bando'Coots    2014
   Trio Bert Lochs & Lydia van Dam    2010
  Live recording from a concert in Boxmeer. Filmed and edited by Juul Thielen, sound engineer: Guido Nieuwdorp, mix: Bert Lochs. Translated to Dutch as "Het Kraaienlied".
   Tuba   2015
   Wilson, Cassandra   1993
   Wilson, Julie   2014
   Witten, Jey  
Blonde In The Bleachers
   Barlow, Lou   1994
   Kowalski, Mathieu    2006
   Lahm, David   1999
   Okkervil River   2007
  Available on their website as a download
   Squiddly   1992
   The Chairman Dances   2013
   Vasques, Adriana  
  Audio from artist website
   A Cappology    2003
   Amed, Roxana   2009
  DVD, with pianist Adrián Iaies
   Avalon Motel   1997
   Cat Power   2008
   Chansonnette, Emily-Rose    2012
   Chapell, Phyllis   1999
   Chiaraluce, Giulia   2011
   Chitose, Hajime   2002
   Chris Lawley & LaLaVox   2008
   Cipollari, Ilenia    2010
   Colter, Trish & Paul Reed   1997
   Constantine, Lore   2006
   Copland, Marc    1998
   Covell-Bullock, Kate    2014
   D'Agostina, Simona  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Danielle, Michaela  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Del Pesce, Alessandra    2014
   Elkinson, Ken   2008
   Emma Lee and Ben Cohen   
   Free Range Saxophone Quartet    2011
   Frente   1993
   Fuller, Rachel   2007
   Gilbert, Andy   2006
  Compilation on Australian label
   Giulia Firpo 4tet   2011
   Gonnie & Igor   
  Igor Demydczuk - keyboards
   Heffernan, Honor   2005
   Horn, Paul   1974
   Husbands, Ken   2008
   Infascelli, Silvia    2014
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Triest"
   Kicks & Sticks Voices   2011
   Kitka   2012
   La Civita, Morgen   2015
   Laswell, Bill   1998
   Lee, Liza   2009
   MacDowell, Nancy   2012
   MacEwen, Janet    2008
   Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman   2014
   Martin, Audrey   2014
   McLachlan, Sarah    1996
   Melo, Lele   2011
   Michael Ball   2005
  DVD Release
   Montes, Marguerite   2010
  Audio from a Youtube video
   Naomi Ferguson & Graham Wardrop   2009
   Nereide   2010
   Niemack, Judy   2007
   Norma Winstone with the NDR Bigband   2011
   Oldham, Tina   2011
   Otero, Florencia   2012
   Oz, Lea   1997
   Pennington, Maya  
  Audio from Artist website
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Pinguin Moschner, Maggie Nicols & Joe Sachse   1998
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
  Available as a bonus track download
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Sakakibara, Dai   2011
   Sally Barker - Joni Mitchell Project   2010
   Sandbloom, Kevin   2011
   Scattergood, Liz  
   Schenck, Virginia    2015
  A medley with "The Meaning Of The Blues"
   Schultz, Jessica    2011
   Skinner, Lynn   2012
   Solebello, Carolann    2012
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   The Cardinal Sinners   1990
   The Few   2012
   The Joe Locke Quintet   1977
   The Lisa Bassenge Trio   2002
   Törnfeldt, Gunilla  
   van Nunen, Patricia   2001
  19:19 is a collaboration between singer Patricia Van Nunen, bass player Dirk Christiaansen and poet Roger Nupie who reads his own poetry. Patricia Van Nunen sings four songs, including two Joni Mitchell covers: "Blue" & "Woodstock". The album was recorded in Belgium on July 27, 2001.
   Vocal Line   2003
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Wallace, Liza   2009
   White, Fay   2010
   Wundrock, Tracy   2013
   YesSister, JazzSister   2011
Blue Boy
   Echo, Samantha    2015
   Neilson, Jack   2002
Blue Motel Room
   Allyson, Karrin   2002
   Blaquiere, Debra   2009
   Blue Martini Jazz   2007
   Connor, Matthew   2014
   Crosby, Dixie   2003
   De Micheli, Charlotte   2004
  From Argentina
   Denise Marie Band (with Sam Price & Andre Bohren)   2002
   Gardot, Melody  
  Live broadcast on WXPN; downloaded from artist website
   Gervais, Lorraine    2000
   Haynes, Esther   2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   Imani   2007
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Błękitny hotelowy Pokój
   Lahm, David   1999
   Martin, Claire   2002
   Mother Of Pearl   2003
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Prince with Elisa Fiorillo   2010
  A bootleg from Paris concert July 23, 2010
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2014
   Savage, Truan   2008
  The musicians on this recording are Charlie Higgins, guitar; Chris Mees, bass; and Alex Ritz, drums. This recording is from his junior recital featuring Jon Parker, alto; Charlie Higgins, guitar; Chris Mees, bass; and Alex Ritz, drums.
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007
Blue On Blue
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
Boho Dance
   Bjork   2007
   Cuzhero   2013
   Tatyana Balakirsky & Alex Nadjarov   2008
Born To Take The Highway
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
   Foggy Dew-O   1968
Both Sides Now
    Al Chez & The Brothers Of Funk    2015
    The One True Chanticleer  
  Recorded in Dutch as "Van elke kant". A bonus track on the single "Bevlogen als vogels".
   Abel, Richard   2004
   Abigail Riccards & Tony Romano   2011
   Acoustic Edge  
  Audio from artist website
   Acoustic Nuisance   1994
   Adams, Mishka   2012
   Adolphson, Lina   2011
   Aerial Landscapes  
   Alainn, Sarah   2012
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Aldrich, Ronnie   
   Alex Guilbert Trio   2015
   Alfred Hause & His Orchestra   1972
   Allen, Robert  
   Amato, Enrico    2008
   Amundsen, Rannveig (Rannie)  
   Angela   2008
   Angharad   2013
   Anka, Paul   2007
   Anthony, Julie   1995
   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Anu   1972
  Sung In Estonian as "Pilved"
   Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus   1982
   April   2004
   Arena, Tina   2008
   Arena, Tina   2012
   Arenz, Uwe   2010
   Arnold, Lauren   2013
   Arturén, Ulrik    2012
   Asamoto, Chika    2015
   Asher, Lisa   2005
   Atkins, Chet   1970
   Au, Albert   2000
   Ayado, Chie   2002
   Azman   1996
   b-flower   1993
   Babs, Alice and Titti    1976
   Bach to Blues   2004
  Douglas Reach & Michael P Scott
   Bacon, Jan Marie   2006
   Baillie & The Boys   1996
   Baker's Cottage   2011
   Bakker, Marco    1981
  Recorded in Dutch as "Sprookjes", lyrical translation by Tineke Beishuizen
   Ball, Michael    2013
   BanBan, Billy   2008
   Bar Nones  
   Barber, Tony  
   Barrowman, John   2008
   Barrymore, Peter   1983
   Baumann , Morty    2000
   Baumann, Rich    2006
   Baxter, Terry & His Orchestra  
   Be Slow   2010
   Beams, Laura  
   Beck, Mike   1997
   Belafonte, Harry   1968
   Belmont College Reasons  
  From Belmont College in Nashville, TN
   Bender, Joan    2005
   Benedetti, Fred   2003
   Bennett, Nigel    2012
   Bentyne, Cheryl   2008
  ex-Manhattan Transfer
   Berg, Stein Ove   1976
  Recorded in Norwegian as "Skyer"
   Berkal-Sarbit, Sophie   2007
   Bernadette   1984
   Bert Bailey and The Jets  
   Beta, Catalina  
  Live recording from artist website
   Bieber, Andreas    2007
  Recorded as "Beide Seiten (Both Sides Now)"
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2012
   Bill Rayner Four   1970
  A dance record - Both Sides Now is presented in a medley with "Heartaches" and "Jealous Heart" as a foxtrot.
   Billy C   1976
   Black, Cilla   1970
   Black, Whirimako    2011
   Blastula   2013
   Bloom, Joshua   2006
   Blount, Lindsey  
  Audion from artist website
   Blue Notes w/ Flemming Werge   1971
  B-Side of "Butterfly", recorded in Danish as "Tab og profit", translation by Annelise Bredsdorff.
   Bob Thompson Trio  
   Boegershausen, Ulli    2007
   Bogue, Mary    2012
   Bola Sete   1968
   Bonk, Julie   2004
   Bos, Tino  
  Live performance - audio from artist website.
   Boston, Jonny   2004
   Bouchard, Valerie    2011
   Boyle, Susan   2011
   Breitholtz, Titti   1975
   Brent Reece And The Main Street Band   2005
   Brereton, Angel    2013
   Bristow, Paul  
  A Square Dance record - the vocal instructions to dancers are integrated with the song lyrics
   Brooks, Denny   1970
   Brother Love Canal   1998
   Brough, Ayshea   1971
   Brown, Jeri   2011
   Brown, Ray    1969
   Bruce, Ed   1969
   Brueggergosman, Measha   2012
   Brunish, Corey   2010
   Bygraves, Max    1978
   C, Melanie   2012
  Ex Spice Girl
   Cacavas, John & His Orchestra   1983
   Cadence   2010
   Cain, John   2004
   Caltanella, Alberto   2012
   Campbell, Glen    1970
   Canada Pops Orchestra   1983
   Cannon, Randy   2001
   Cantada, Joe   1974
   Cantus Vocum    2011
   Capson, Allan    1973
   Cardington High School Choir And Vocal Ensemble   1977
  Kenneth Flaglor, Director Cardington, OH
   Carey, Pat   1977
   Carli Muñoz/Eddie Gomez   2003
   Carlini, John   2007
   Carlisle, Liz   2007
   Carmel Sheerin & the Ravens   2005
   Carrick, Jim   2007
  Digital release only
   Carrick, Mary   2014
   Carroll, Diahann   2015
   Carter, Michael L   2010
   Carteret High School Choir  
   Carthew, Elizabeth   2000
   Castro, Allan Omar    2003
   Casula, Paola    2006
   Caywood, Mona   2011
   CC Ryder  
   Chambre Symponiette   1976
  A Technics Stereo Demonstration Record
   Chapdelaine, Michael    1997
   Chapman, Kate   2009
   Charbonneau, Christine   1969
  French-language version - translation by Christine Charbonneau - "A" side of single
   Charles Curtis Trio   1996
   Charles, Nick   1999
   Charlie Wakefield Jazz Trio   
   Charlie X   2004
   Charnas, Charles   2014
   Chaudry, Aneesa   2014
   Chaulk, David    2009
   Chicken Soup For The Soul and Steve Wingfield   2012
   Christopher, Terri   2010
  Audio from artist website
   Cinemasounds Orchestra   2011
   Clannad & Paul Young   1991
   Clay, Tom   1971
   Clearwater Ensemble   2004
   Clement, Johan   2002
   Cloutier, Nicole    1974
  Recorded in French as "La Vie, L'Amour Et Moi". Translation by R. Leclerc
   Clyde High School A Capella Choir   1971
   Cole, Natalie   1996
   Collignon, Leo   1980
  Instrumental; Medley with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" (Vince Guaraldi)
   Collins, Judy   1968
   Collins, Judy   1999
   Collins, Judy   1998
   Coloma, Relly  
  Phillipines issue
   Comeau, Bill   1969
   Compassionate Dictatorship   2009
   Contrast   1969
   Coombs, Lester V.   2014
   Cooperstown High School Concert Band and Chorus  
  Three compositions played by the Concert Band, three songs performed by the Girls Chorus, and four songs performed by the mixed chorus of Cooperstown High School, Cooperstown, N.D.; conducted by Phil Raney.
   Corcoran, Anna  
   Corman, Sarah   2009
   Cornelia   1970
   Counterpoint   1992
  All female acapella from Stanford University
   Cramer, Floyd    1970
   Crazy Pops   2003
   Cresson , Gerard  
   Crohan, David  
   Crosby, Bing   1969
   Cruz, Tirso III   2008
   Cruz, Willy   2002
   Cuneta, Sharon   1999
   Cyril Paul and Ensemble    1969
   D. Reach and M. Scott  
   Dabalos, Amy    2014
   Dadi, Marcel    1979
   Dala   2010
   Daly, Patricia   2008
   Damian Luca with Francis Goya   2004
   Dan Gibson's Solitudes   2007
   Danielsson, Lars   2004
   Danny Diaz Trio   1971
   Danzig, Kevin   2010
   Darmstaedter, Dirk   2006
   David And Marianne Dalmour   1971
   Davidson, John   1969
   Davis, Michael   2008
   Davis, Skeeter  
   Davis, Viveka   1996
   Dawson, Lane  
  B-side of 45 "Caterpillar Man" - songwriter is listed as "Mitchell R. Jones"
   Day, Doris   1999
   De Lavaulx, Etienne    1996
   De Schepper, Els    2013
  Translated into Flemish as "Elke kant"
   Dearie, Blossom    1970
   Dee & Vance   2005
  Download from "Dare To Sing" Website
   Dee Felice Trio  
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Deerfield High School Boys Choir  
   DeLaCruz, Valerie    1998
   DeLallo, Amanda    2015
   Deng, Yue   2004
   Dengue Fever   2003
   Denver, Boise & Johnson   1968
   Denver, John   1969
  Unreleased live recording: Bandersnatch Coffeehouse Denison University - March 15, 1969
   Des'Ray   2006
   Dewar, Bruce    2015
   Diamond, Neil   1969
   Diaz, Joaquin   2008
   DiMenna, Lynn    2003
   DiMucci, Michael   2012
   Dodd, Ken   1970
   Don Fraser & His Orchestra   2008
  Susan Reeves on vocal
   Donaldson, George   2015
   Donegan, Lonnie   1970
   Donna Deussen & The Paul Weitz Trio   2014
   Douglas, Craig   1981
   Dowe, Al  
   Doyle, Hilda   1981
  Privately released folk/pop lp from Cincinnati singer/songwriter
   Drayton, Lucinda   2007
   Duchin, Peter  
   Dudley, Stewart   2007
   Duf Davis and the Book Club   2004
   Dufault, Luce   2007
   Duo Améllus    2004
   Duo Vance   1991
   Dust & Ashes   1970
   Dynam, Terry   1980
   Ebbenhout, Nina   2008
   Ebinal, Regina    2013
   Ebstein, Katja   1973
  Lyrics By [German Text] - Michael Kunze
   Eclar, Dianne    2002
  From A John Peel Session
   Eden   2013
   Eder, Linda   2008
   Edwards, Nokie   2003
   Egan, Susan   2004
   Eidi, Lara   2011
   Eishu   2005
   Eisler, Melissa   2013
   Ekedal, Tahkus   
   Elaine and Mike   2009
   Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet   2004
   Energy Shower   2008
  Download from Soundclick Website
   English, Michael   2001
   English, Ralna  
   Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie   1969
   Erickson, McCall  
  Live recording from Myspace website
   Erstes Deutsches Harfenensemble    1993
   Esselstyn, Micki   1989
   Estes, John   2003
   Euclid Junior High School   1971
   Eunmi, Lee   2012
   European Jazz Trio   2003
   Euson   1970
  Julio Bernardo Euson (born April 12, 1941), professionally known as Euson, is an Aruban-Dutch singer, songwriter and occasional actor.
   Eva, Danielle   2010
   Fabian, Lara   2009
  from Clive Sax
   Fahl, Mary   2013
   Fahl, Mary   2014
   Fairborn Baker High School    1970
  Fairborn, OH
   Fairport Convention   2000
  Studio Demo recording from 1967
   Fairport Convention   1982
  Live recording from 1981
   Faith, Percy   1969
   Falk, Neca   1980
  From Yugoslavia, recorded as "Z Vec Plati", Translation by Andrej `ifrer
   Falkner, Jason   1997
   Fallon, Orla   2011
   Farrell, Cynthia   2013
   Farrugia, Adrean    2006
   Fascinating Screen Sounds  
   Father   1995
  Father: Damien Devaney (vocals, guitar, banjo), Stephen Hill (guitar, drums, vocals) & Hugh Pim (drums, bass, guitar).
   Fearing, Stephen   1991
  Instrumental version played within "Beguiling Eyes"
   Feinstein, Michael   1998
   Felix, Julie    1969
   Fernando Merlino Trio   2013
   Fernbank Elementary School   1971
  Seventh Grade Students
   Ferrante & Teicher and Orchestra   1975
  According to the United Artists recording was recorded in January of 1970 at National Sound in NYC....along with some other songs. For some reason they decided not to use it on that particular LP. Since it was only released in would have been United Artist's International Division that saw it in the master log....had it pulled and released with the rest of that LP.
   Fiat Justitia  
  Late 60's - Private pressing.
   Fleming, Tommy   2010
   Flinders, Matt  
   Flip and Larry   2009
  Audio from artist website
   Foggy Dew-O   1968
   Foggy Mountain Five   2004
   Folk Som Oss   2010
  Recorded in Norwegian as "Skyer"
   Folklore   1975
  Folklore is a Irish group of 5; this track features Pauline Sloan (Guitar, Vocals) and Frank Lennon (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin)
   Foltz, Tim  
   Foster & Allen   1997
   Foulke, Bruce    2002
   Fountain, Pete  
   Fox, Lauren   2013
   Francis, Cleveland   1970
   Frank, Nyle   2004
   Frank, Stacy   2003
   Frazier, Hal   1968
   Freund, James C    2003
   Fricke, Janie   2003
   Friend 'n Fellow   2010
   Fu, Rie   2008
   Fujita, Emi   2010
   Fuller, Larry   2014
   Fullerton College Vocal Jazz Ensemble   1978
   Fyander, Gerry  
   Gadt, Anna   2010
   Gallagher, Lee   1975
   Galt, Jill  
   Gamboa, Helen  
  With The Ramrods backup band.
   Gardner, T.K.   2013
   Gargano, Michael  
   Gendron, Gary   1976
   Generations   2002
  Mother-daughter duo; Holly Brook Hafermann & Candace Kreitlow
   George, Abadou   2011
   Gerrard, David   2000
   Getz, Stan    1969
   Gilewitz, Richard    2011
   Gill, Elmer  
   Gillam, Lisa   2009
   Gillespie, Dizzy    1969
   Gillies, Anne Lorne   1975
   Giulia Firpo 4tet   2011
   Gledhill, Mindy   2007
   Glen Campbell & Leslie Uggams  
  Audio from TV broadcast
   Glenn Miller Band   1970
   Goerke, Joachim   2009
   Goldsmith, Kaitlyn   
  Audio from Artist website
   Gonda, Terry   2003
   Goodman, Benny    1970
   Göran Fristorp & Anna-Lotta Larsson   
   Gordon, Todd   2005
  Produced by Ian Shaw
   Gott, Michael    2006
   Gottschalk, Norbert  
   Goulet, Robert   1969
   Gourlay, Calum   2015
   Grace Acoustic Trio   2012
   Grace, Christie   2007
   Graham & Company   2002
   Graham Blvd   2008
   Graham, Davy    1968
   Grant, Tom   2004
   Granum/Loft   2014
   Graschaire, Valérie    2008
   Grayson, Kathryn  
   Green Pyramids   1998
   Green, Roger   2008
   Green, Val  
   Gregorian   2012
   Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann   1978
  Recorded in Danish as "Livets cirkel"
   Grey, Joel   1969
   Guillaume, Robert    1996
   Guilmette S.M., Rev. Emile   
   Haberkamm, Helmut & Johann Müller    2005
   Hall, Ben   1971
   Hall, Donald   2000
   Hall, Jane   1989
   Hamill, Claire & Andrew Warren   1998
   Hamilton IV, George   1969
   Hamilton, David   1972
  A medley with "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"
   Hancock, Herbie   2007
   Hannes und Raphael    1994
   Hanson, Bev  
   Hardenberger, Hakan    2012
   Harpers Bizarre  
   Harping, Anne   2009
   Harvey, Adam   2009
  Featuring The McClymonts
   Haviland, William   2011
   Hayakawa, Emi   2009
   Haystack '72 Swing Choir  
   Heartstrings   2014
   Heath & Molly   2014
   Heavenly Harps   2008
   Heavens to Murgatroid   1992
   Heinonen, Tapio    2005
  Televisiotaltiointi (Television Broadcast) (1971)
   Helen's Funeral Band   2012
   Hellström, Håkan   
  Translated into Swedish, "båda (baada) sidor nu"
   Henderson, Jane   1994
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Henshall, Ruthie   2013
   Herft, Suzette   2009
   Hersch, Fred   2015
   Hickland, Catherine   2005
  One Life To Live stars singing on a fundraiser CD
   Hildebrand, Ian    2014
   Hill, Dave   2007
   Hill, Vince  
   Hilton, Lisa   2007
  The CD opens and closes with different versions of Both Sides Now
   Hilyard, David  
   Hing Fung Yiu  
   Hinkle, Tim   2004
   Hirt, Al   1968
   His Brother's Children   1973
   Hoeijmans, Thera    2014
   Hohenthal, Petri    1983
   Hohn, Tillman   2005
   Holdsworth, Andrew    2014
   Hole   1991
  Listed as "Clouds"
   Home   2004
   Hooker, Lauren   2014
   Hopkin, Mary   1970
   Horowitz, Sue   2010
   Houtzager, Maartje  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Huffman, Sara   2014
   Hugo Pamcos et Claudette Lagacé    2010
   Huijbregts, Marc-Marie  
   Humperdinck, Englebert  
  Audio from a video; this performance was on The Englebert Humperdinck Show"
   Hurford, Erika   2013
   Hyman , Dick    1974
   Hynes, Dessie  
   Ingmann, Grethe    2011
   Innocence Mission   1995
   Isaacs, Mark    2005
   Isaacson, Peter   1971
  Download from website
   Itsuwa, Mayumi  
   Izumi, Hirotaka   2001
   Jackie & Bridie   1970
   Jacklin, Tony   1971
   Jacobs, Maria    2014
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Z obu stron
   Jan Maddron  
  A-Side is "Sky Fell" (Judy Collins)
   Janet & Kaori Kiana Ohuchi   2004
   Jansen, Kai   2002
   Jansen, Leoni   2008
   Jensen Singers   1999
   Jepsen, Carly Rae    2012
   Jerry H Band   2008
   Jessica Ottosson & Peter Tegner   2008
   Jet Sets  
   Jim Ohlschmidt & Paul Kowalski    1980
   JMM   2014
  Jesuit Music Ministries
   Joachim Goerke & Band   2010
  Live performance from 2000
   João, Maria & Mário Laginha   2002
   John Dierckx & Henk de Ligt    2004
   John Hart Trio   2001
   John Hersey High School Chamber Choir   1973
   John Taylor Collegiate   
   Johnny B & Phase II  
   Johnson, Dana  
   Johnson, Kathy   2014
   Jones, Aled   2014
   Jones, Janet   1974
   Jones, Karen   2013
   Jones, Paul   2002
   Joni's Soul   2014
  Live recording at Half Moon, Putney London. Gina Foster on vocals, Ronnie Johnson on guitar, James Hallawell on piano.
   Jordan Family   2006
  Broadcast on NPR's "Talk Of The Nation", May 25, 2006: Marlon Jordan, trumpet Kent Jordan, flute Stephanie Jordan, vocals
   Joy   2006
  Vocal: Joy Guitar: Kazuhika Obata
   Julio Martini & His Orchestra    1990
   Jung, Sungha  
  Audio taken from a YouTube video
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Van Weerskanten"
   Kähönen, Niina   
   Kalles World Tour  
   Karen Mal with Strings Attached    2014
   Kasia   2012
   Katiecat   2009
   KC And The Sunshine Band   2015
   Keating, Ronan   2009
   Keel, Howard   1996
   Kelly, Julie   2006
   Kelly, Pat  
   Ken Moule & The Full Score Orchestra   1978
   Ken Watters Group   2001
   Kendall, Lauren   2002
   Keng, Poon Sow  
  Chinese language
   Kenny Davis Road Show   1972
  Recorded Live at Jason's House of Prime Rib, Bubank, CA 10-7-1972
   Kerry Kearney Band   2001
   Kesseler, Martin   1994
  Titled "From Both Sides Now"
   Keveren, Phillip   2000
   Kevin Halporn & Flor Guillén    2010
   Ki, Patrick   2001
   King, Denis   1976
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
   King, Phil   2010
   Kings Road  
   Kinnavy, Trish   2011
   Kiri Te Kanawa  
   Kirkland, Jill   1969
   Kojima, Nobuko   2011
   Koloc, Bonnie   2010
   Konkova, Olga   2009
   Koorvereniging Pro Musica  
  "From Both Sides Now"
   Körberg, Tommy   
   Kraske, Heike   2011
   Kraus, Kat   2010
   Krause, Jim   2015
   Kräutler, Simon    2014
   Küchler, Lillemor  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Kühn, Axel   
  (feat. Kerstin Heiles)
   Kung, Cilla   2013
   Kurman, Jo Anne   2005
   Kurtzman, Wendy    2012
   LaForet, Marie   1969
   Lahmann, Rick    2011
   Laine, Cleo   1989
   Lâm Chí Mỹ  
   Lâm Phàm  
   Lam, Samantha   2006
   Lane, Syd   2011
   Lapislazuli   1982
  Recorded in German language as “Um uns herum”, but the lyrics have no connection to Joni's.
   Lashae, Julia   2009
   Laughery, Steve  
   LaViolette, Naomi   2012
   Law, John  
   Lea, Jeanine   2014
   Leake, Max   2004
   Leard & Sheldon  
   Lech, Therese  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Leclerc, Emilie   2014
   Lederman, Beth    2013
  with Jazz Con Alma
   Lee Hye Won    2012
  Translated and sung in Korean
   Lee, Greg  
   Lee, Ranee   2003
   Lees, Andrea  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Levene, John   2012
   Lewis, Mortie  
   Lie, Tina   2014
   Lilac Sheer with Shay Tochner    2010
   Lin, Freya   2007
   Lindstrom, Jeannette   2000
   Lington, Michael    2006
   Linsley, Adam   2008
  Featuring Mim Grey
   List, Liesbeth    2003
   Little Red King   2004
  Download from Website
   Liv, Tor & Four Jets   1971
  Recorded in Norwegian as "Jeg Har Forstått". Translated By Tresen Margar.
   Liza Wallace & Present Time Ensemble   2013
   Lobban, David  
   Longet, Claudine   1968
   Lonsdale, Steve   1970
   Lopes, Jessica  
   Los Simpaticos  
   Louis van Dyke & Rogier van Otterloo   1973
   Low, Eddie  
  From New Zealand - born blind.
   Lydia Van Dam Group   1999
   Lyn, Keith   2001
   MacCarthy, Pamela    2014
  with Tomoya Hara
   MacDonald, Jeanne   2000
   MacGregor, Don   2000
   Macliver, Sara   2011
   MacMaster, Natalie   2008
  Hayley Westenra on vocals
   Maddy Winer & Vince Lewis    2013
  (feat. Todd Wright, Bill Covington, Tom Hildreth, River Guerguerian & Rick Simerly)
   Maier, Clarolyn    2012
   Maki Mannami & Jacob Koller   2011
   Mandrup & Darling  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Mangano, Roberta  
  From Artist Myspace site
   Mantovani   1969
   March, Peggy   1972
   March, Peggy   1971
   Maree, Lucas   2001
   Maria, Eva   1969
   Marie Keis Uhre & Ekko   2005
   Marie, Laura   2010
   Marshall, Brian  
   Martha J. & Francesco Chebat   2014
   Martino, Pat   1974
   Martino, Pat & Cassandra Wilson   1997
   Masekela, Hugh   1994
   Masha Bijlsma Band   2008
   Massicot, Drew   1999
   Mathers, Peter   1986
  Born in Toronto, Canada
   Mathews, Lesley   2013
   Matthew, Cara   2008
   Matthews, Charlie   1970
   Matthews, Guerry  
  70's Vinyl - From Nashville, TN
   Mauriat, Paul  
   Maxwell, Kirsten   2014
   Mayorga, Lincoln    1972
   McCain, Eleanor    2014
   McCready, Mindy   2015
  Unreleased song by country singer Mindy McCready. This was recorded for her "I'm Still Here" album sessions.
   McCutcheon, Jim    1986
   McCutcheon, Peter    2009
   McDermand, Paul   1997
   McDonald, Shirley  
   McElroy, Ellen  
   McKinnon, Catherine    1968
   McKuen, Rod   1974
   McNair, Barbara   
  Freda Payne, Bobby Vee & Barbara McNair
   McPeek, Ben   1971
   McShane, Ian   1992
   Memphis State University Chorale   1978
   Menzel, Idina   2014
   Mercer, Mabel   1969
   Messina, Tony    2012
   Metzger, Ellen   2002
   Meyer, Anita   2009
   Michael Moore-Kelly   2011
   Michael Sagmeister & Britta Medeiros    2003
   Michael, Drue   2013
   Michel Clement Orchestra  
   Michel, Jane   1997
   Miller, Betsy    2013
   Miller, Eric & His Orchestra   1992
   Milner, Ali   2011
   Minako Yoshida & Kazumi Watanabe   2008
   Minnewaska Ridge Rockers  
   Miria M. & band   1999
   Mitchell District High School Glee Club.  
  Mitchell, Ont.
   Mitchell, Chad  
   Mohn, Maria   2013
  Bonus Track on I-Tunes release
   Moline, Bob   1975
   Monder, Elisabeth   2012
   Montes, Marguerite  
   Montreal Jazz Club   2005
   Moolman, Philip   1994
   Moorer, Allison   2008
   Moreland, Merigail  
   Moreno, Bobo   2010
   Morgan, David   1997
  Medley: Spanish Fandango/Both Sides Now/Wheels
   Moriyama, Ryoko   1974
   Morrau, Sarah   1999
   Morris, Allyson    2013
   Mottola, Tony   1969
   Mouskouri, Nana   1969
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
   Mouskouri, Nana   1970
  Recorded in French as "Je N'Ai Rien Appris"
   Mt. Hood Community College Vocal Jazz Ensemble  
   Mulder, Marissa   2012
   Muller, Liesl   2011
   Mulry, Ted   1970
   Mundy, MaryJo   2007
   Munro, John   1969
   Murakami Yuki   2004
   Murphy, Mark   1970
   Murray, Anne   1969
   Music For A While   2014
   Mutsers, Cor  
   Myers, Linda   1992
   Myers, Owen   2010
  Audio from Artist website
   Mystic Moods Orchestra   1969
   Nabors, Jim   1973
   Nagata, George    2015
   Naji, Natsu    2013
   Nease, Byron   2008
   Nelson, Willie   1970
   Nereide   2010
   Nesbitt, Bill   2004
   Neufeld, Chris  
   Nèvoa    2013
   New, Terri   2012
  (feat. Albert Sarko)
   Newman, Phyllis   1968
   Ni Fhearraigh, Aoife    2002
   Nicholas, Zoe   2011
   Nick Borgen and Scandinavians  
  Recorded in Swedish as "Jag Ser Med Andra Ögon Nu"
   Nimoy, Leonard   1968
   Norby, Cæcilie    2004
   Nordwall, Jonas  
   North Bay Boys Choir   1975
   O'Connor, Des   1970
   O'Connor, Mark   1988
   O'Hara, Mary    1985
   O'Neill, Gene   2004
   O, Raven   2005
   Oak Park-River Forest Junior High School Chorus   1972
   Oglesbee, Scott    1999
   Ólafsdóttir, Guðlaug Dröfn    2007
   Oliver   1969
   Orange   2014
   Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien    2004
   Organic Quintet:
Joe Locke, Jeremy Pelt, Dave Ellis, Peter Barshay, Lewis Nash
   Orlando   1970
   Ornadel, Cyril   1970
   Orquesta Música Maravillosa   2015
   Orta, Debbie   2014
   Otero, Florencia   2012
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Outsider   2010
   Page, Judy   1969
   Paradox   1988
  Paradox was formed by 2 girls (Erica Li + Yvonne Lau) under the label of Hong Kong Rock-In Records.
   Paradox   1988
  Remix version recorded in Chinese language
   Parasites   1994
   Parker High School Swingin' Broncs Pep Band   1972
   Parker, John   2002
   Parton, Dolly   2005
  w/ Judy Collins and Rhonda Vincent
   Pat C  
   Paul Booth Quintet   2007
   Penfield, Holly   2005
   Perrine Mansuy Trio   2010
   Peters, Kate   2000
   Petra   1994
  A CD-single, contains (4) versions of the song. In Dutch ("Samengaan"), French ("Avec Un Homme"), English, and unplugged.
   Pettipas, Scott    2010
   Pezanelli, Jack    2006
   Phillips, Barry   2000
   Phillips, Sian   2003
   Pierre Dorge & Christian Sievert   2013
   Pillay, Al   2007
   Portigal, Chris  
   Posselt, Siegfried   1979
  From West Germany
   Prevost, Kim and Bill Solley   2002
   Price, Sydney   2006
   Pride Valley Brass  
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
   Prior, Marina   2012
   Puglia, Lara   2014
   Quesada, Valerie   2015
   Quinn, Carmel  
   R.L. Thomas Choir   1971
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Radler, Heike  
   Raider, Nat  
   Raimondi, Barbara   2008
   Rancho High School Madrigal Singers   1969
   Randi Tytingvåg with Dag S. Vagle & Erlend Aasland   2015
   Randi, Don   1969
   Randolph, Boots   1970
   Recursion   2015
   Red Birds  
   Reeves, Dianne   1995
   Reeves, Dianne   1995
   Reeves, Susan  
  With Don Fraser & his Orchestra
   Reichman, Janelle    2011
   Restless Wind   2004
  Download from website
   Reyes, Art   2004
   Rice, Melanie    2013
   Rich, Julia   2006
   Rickfors, Mikael   2004
   Ritenour, Shirley    2009
   Rivera, Gracie   1977
   Roach, Felix   2009
  In a medley with "Send In The Clowns"
   Robert Wood Singers   1972
   Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus   1968
   Roberts, Keith   2009
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Robin Roberts & Billie Preston   2014
   Rodgers, Jimmie    1969
   Roger Saint-Denis & Dan Gibson   1998
   Rogue, Jakki   
   Ronny Kubera & Daniela Konrad    2004
   Room 217   2007
  Guitar: Rob Piltch Piano: Bev Foster
   Rosana Eckert with Terry Hankins   2007
   Rose, Barry   2009
   Rosendal, Peter    2006
  Peter Rosendal(piano), Graig Earle(bass), Janus Templeton(drums) - Recorded at The Rhthmic Music Conversation And Pelles Room, Denmark, Winter Of 2005
   Rousseou, Nina  
   Rowe, Cindy   2013
   Rydahl, Anneli    2005
   Ryder, Irene   1973
   Sage, Miranda   2011
   Saks, David   2009
  Audio from a video
   Sally, Ann   2001
   Sampson, Margot    2008
   Samuel Schürmann & Jazz Quartett    2014
   Sandeman, Mary  
  EP, recorded in Gaelic as "Gach Taobh A Nis"
   Sanders, Andrew  
   Sandler & Young  
   Sandpebbles   1980
   Santos, Larry   1970
   Sapporo Symphony Orchestra   2002
   Saputo, Tom   2007
   Sawyn, George   2001
   Saxkartel   2007
  Frank Vaganée - Soprano saxophone Sara Meyer - Alto saxophone Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone Tom Van Dyck - Baritone saxophone, Arranger, Composer Tutu Puoane - Vocals
   Saya   2006
   Scattergood, Liz  
   Scheel, Naja   2014
   Scherbel, Uli  
   Schinkel, Gerd  
   Schutz, George   2001
   Schwander, Monti  
   Screen Sound Orchestra  
   Scruggs, Randy   1998
   Se Hwan, Kim  
   Seeger, Pete    1969
   Senior Girls of Blue Star Camps; Susie Jacobs, Soloist   1969
   Shank, Bud  
   Shanley Boys Chorus  
   Shanti   2014
   Shaw, Ian   2006
   Shelton, Eddie   1976
   Shih, Patricia    2014
   Shinji, Aita   2010
   Shofner, Frank   2006
  Features Samantha Newark on vocals; issued also as a CD-single containing a "Radio Edit" version and a "Club Mix" version.
   Shun Sakai & The Long Goodbye   2015
   Sieg, Jacob  
   Silver Creek Intermediate Chorus   1972
   Silver Creek Mountain Band  
   Simon, Fred    2000
   Sinatra, Frank   1968
  Recorded as "From Both Sides, Now"
   Sinatra, Mike   2015
   Sing-In Boulder  
   Singers Unlimited   1971
   Situm, Steve  
   Skaroulis, George    2009
   Skifs, Björn    1971
  Swedish language: "Jag ser med andra ögon nu", translation by Osten Warnerbring
   Slattery, Celia   2005
   Slean, Sarah   2007
  Unreleased performance with the CBC Orchestra
   Smar, Jay   2008
   Smith, Kelly  
  Website download
   Smith, Meg Rose   2012
   Smith, Yukie   2013
   Snell, David   1971
   Sonenberg, Dan   2014
   Southall, Curt  
  Download from Website
   Spalding, Esperanza   2013
  Live performance from Luminato Festival, Toronto, ON, June 20, 2013. Herbie Hancock on piano.
   Sparks, Tim   2014
   Speaks, Almeta   1988
   Springville Middle School Seventh Grade Chorus.   1978
  Springville, UT
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Stalknecht, Roelof   1976
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
   Stan Ridgway and Drywall   2005
  Released as "Both Sides Now (Clouds)"
   Stander, Cornel    2012
   Standing, Paula   2010
  Audio from artist website. Prospect, South Australia
   Stands, Abbie    2014
   Steel Love World Wide   2003
   Stelvio Cipriani Orchestra   1993
   Stenz, Maria   1972
  Danish-language cover version, titled "Livets Cirkel". A-Side of single is "Goddag Og Farvel"
   Steve Hall & Steve Donovan   2003
   Steve Kirby and Larry Roy   2008
   Stewart and Bradley James   2005
  Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"
   Stewart, Don   2004
   Stewart, Forest   2010
   Stewart, Tamara   2008
   Stoneham, Harry   1971
   Strickland, Mike   2001
   Sullivan, Heather   2011
   Suprata, Kathi    1997
   Suter, Karmen  
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Suzuki, Yasuhiro   1990
   Swanson , Brad   
   Swell Motions   2014
   Syme, David  
   Symphonia Canada   1992
   Syncopation   2003
   Syncopation   2008
   Synergy Northwest Vocal Jazz   2006
   Szabo, Gabor    1969
   Tabachneck, Paul    2014
   Takada,Hideko    2014
   Take Five   1970
  North Central College; Naperville, Illinois
   Tal, Michal   1974
  Recorded in Hebrew as "Shney Ha-tzdadim"
   Texas A&M University Singing Cadets   1971
   The Allan Sisters  
   The Andy Ballantyne Large Ensemble   2007
   The Art Gallery   1969
   The Aurora Singers  
   The B.Toff Band   1976
   The Ballroom Band   1995
   The Band of the South Australia Police   2012
   The Bear Music Orchestra & Anthony Au    2001
  A medley with "Lover's Concerto"
   The Bloom'in Grass   1976
   The Boomtang Boys   1999
   The Boys  
  Possibly from The Columbus, OH area as that's where the LP was recorded.
   The Boys Of Holmewood House  
   The Brambles   2010
  Audio from artist website
   The Brothers Four   1969
   The Cardinals  
   The Changing Winds   1970
   The Collection   1968
  B-Side is "Tomorrow Is A Window"
   The College of Saint Scholastica Madrigal Singers   1969
  Duluth, MN
   The Crossmen   2004
   The David Newton Trio    2005
   The Deritend Luton Band   1988
   The Don Costa Concept   1969
   The Duo   2008
   The Dutch Canadian Choir of Calgary  
   The Earl Scruggs Revue   1972
   The Electronic Concept Orchestra   1968
   The End Phenomena  
   The Film Studio Orchestra   1972
   The Fureys   2014
   The Generation Gap  
   The Gothard Sisters   2009
   The Group  
   The Hit Crew   2003
   The Hobbit   1970
  The Hobbit, a folk trio are thought to have come from Cumbria, released this album of cover versions of material from The Strawbs, Magna Carta and Simon & Garfunkel on the Deroy label in 1970/71 (pressing not dated but based on the Deroy 709 catalogue number 1970 is probably correct). Although not the greatest of albums, it is going to be of huge interest to collectors of Folk or Private Pressings as it is an ultra rarity.
   The Humber College Vocal Jazz Combo   2006
   The Idea Of North   2011
   The James Valentine Quartet   2014
   The Jimmy Vann Band  
   The John Cameron Orchestra  
   The John Fox Orchestra  
   The Johnstons   1968
   The Joni Mitchell Project   2014
   The Kokosingers   1985
  Male acapella from Gambier, Ohio
   The Madrigal   1971
   The Malcolm Wilce Duo   1997
  A medley with "Footsteps", meant to be used for country line dancing.
   The Mansfield University Concert Choir   2008
   The Mike Abene Orchestra   1972
   The Mike Batt Orchestra   1970
   The Mike Sammes Singers   2009
   The Mike Tucker Quartet  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   The Milt Robinson Trio   
   The Minstrels Of Troy   1970
   The Montreal Pop Concert Orchestra    2011
   The Movieland Orchestra  
   The Movin' Dream Orchestra   1987
   The Moving Folk   1970
   The National Children's Choir   1977
  Washington, DC
   The Newcomers  
   The Nicki Allan Sextet   2012
   The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   1972
  Solo guitar instrumental by Randy Scruggs
   The O'Neill Brothers Group   2013
   The Ohio Singers   1994
   The Olive Branch  
   The Osmond Brothers   1968
   The Pattersons   1970
   The Paul Robinson Players  
   The Phi Mu Alpha Stage Band  
  Omicron Tau Chapter; Middle Tennessee State University
   The Popcorn Orchestra   2009
   The Rainbeaux  
   The Ray Bloch Singers  
   The Ray Charles Singers   1969
  Also issued on ABC Records – SMAS-91998
   The Reflections   1971
   The Retired Radicals   2015
   The Retros   2014
   The Sea Chanters with the United States Navy Band  
   The Shawnee Choir  
   The Shells  
  B-side of "Happy Hawaiian"
   The Silent Jazz Trio   2004
   The Skillets   1970
   The Slow Club Quartet   2008
   The Smooth Orchestra   2009
   The Splinter Group   1976
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   The Sweeney   1997
   The SweetBeets    2015
   The Swingle Singers   2009
   The Tigers  
   The Tokens   1970
   The Travelers  
   The Tributes   2006
   The Tunesmiths  
  Recorded "Live" in Palm Beach Florida.
   The Unisounds   2010
   The United States Army Chamber Orchestra   1973
   The University Of Alabama Million Dollar Band   2011
   The Unknown Folksinger   1978
   The Vanderbilt University Marching Band & A Capella Choir  
   The Ventures   2003
   The VoxTops   2010
  Audio from artist website
   The Welwyn Garden City Band   1993
   The Wild Myrtles    2011
   The Winter Consort   1968
   The Young Lovers  
   Thean   2010
   Themens, Julie  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Thigpen, Leila  
   Tielsch, Jördis    2011
   Tilmann Höhn, Annette Marquard, & Kate Nelson   2010
   Tiya!   2012
   Tom Rasely & Scott B. Adams   2011
   Tomoyo, Harada   2011
  This compilation album features covers of Western popular songs sung by Japanese female singers such as Ringo Shiina, Chihiro Onitsuka, Miki Imai, Maki Oguro, and more.
   Tony Sheldon, Jeremy Stanford, & Daniel Scott   2007
   Tori Freestone Trio    2014
   Tori, Akai  
   Toronto Starlight Orchestra   2014
   Toshner, Paul   2014
   Tracey, Ejaye   2011
   Treasure   2000
  Jemima Price
   Trident   1975
   Trinidad, Chris   2008
  feat. Larry Olson, Nick Apivor, Davidian Chorley, & Budge Schachte
   Triple Trio   1970
   Troxell, Dan   2003
   Tull Glazener & Jim Sperry  
   Two Guitars   1995
   Txarango   1996
   Tynan, Ronan   2002
   Tønsberg domkirkes jentekor  
  The Tønsberg City Cathedral's girls' choir
   U.S. Elevator   2012
  A special release for Record Day, 21APR12
   Ueda, Masaki   2004
   Ueffing, Susan    2003
   Uhlenberg, Alex    2012
   Ultra Penguin 3000   2005
  Downlaod from Website
   Uncle Seth   2005
   Union Concert Orchestra  
   Union Of Sound   2009
   United States Air Force Band with The Falconaires   1970
   University of Idaho Jazz Choir   2003
   University Of Nebraska Varsity Glee Club  
   Unknown, Adam   2009
  From artist website
   Urayama , Jin    2002
  Features Chieko Tanaka on soprano vocal
   Utoku, Keiko   2007
   V'zzelle   2010
   Vala, Hildur    2005
   Valente, Caterina   1973
   Valli McGavin Orchestra   1989
   van den Heuvel, Edith    2014
   van Pallandt Nina   1971
   Van Ronk, Dave   1968
   Van Roon, Marc   2011
   Van Vliet, Paul   1978
  Recorded in Dutch as "Nog Altijd Niet"
   Veer, Sharon    1979
  Sharon Veer was born Sharon Bell and was Joni's childhood friend when they lived together in Maidstone, Saskatchewan. "Song For Sharon" was written for her, and on ocassion has been introduced as "Song For Sharon Bell".
   Verbeij Soeters & Fay Lovsky   2013
   Verd i Blau   2011
   Vernon, Bobby  
   Vesa Ja Tytöt    2011
  Recorded in Finnish as "Molemmin Puolin"
   Vocal Line   2010
   Voice Trek   2005
   Voisine, Roch   2010
   Volpe, Lou    2007
   Voltaggio, Tony    2014
   von Ahn, Suss   2008
  Suss von Ahn is a Swedish singer- & songwriter.
   Vondrackova, Helena   1980
   Wadebridge Male Voice Choir   
   Walker, Keiko   2004
   Walker, Lonie  
   Wallis, Jimmy  
   Wang, Finn   2009
   Warren, William   2014
   Wayne Hawkins, Karyn Quinn & Todd Strait    2011
   We Together  
  Obscure Christian Private Label 70's release
   Weaver, Patty   1978
   Weaver, Sean   2013
  Medley with "I Need You"
   Weavers Green  
   Webb, Amy Carol   2010
   Weiser, Chris   2010
   Welsh, Gerry   1972
  A Side; B-side is "Devoted To You"
   Wessler, Christy   2010
   Westenra, Hayley   2005
  DVD Release
   Westenra, Hayley   2005
   Weston, Kim  
   While, Chris   2007
   Whim 'n Rhythm   2006
  Femaile Acapella from Yale University
   Whims   1969
  Wheaton College
   White Flag   2006
  Italian release, 8 tracks on a limited edition 10" vinyl
   White, Mack   1978
   Whittaker, Roger  
  Live recording
   Whittaker, Roger    1970
  Studio recording
   Wickham, Hank & Lewie  
   Wiesbaden Junior High School Chorus   1972
   Wildes, Betty Ann  
   Wilhelmsen, Unni   2010
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007
   William Henry Harrison High School Choirs   1971
  Evansville, IN
   Williams & Valentine   1997
   Williams, Andy   1970
   Wills, Viola   1985
   Wilson, Mary   2009
  Live recording from artist MySpace website
   Windstorm Singers   1970
   Winner, Dana    1996
  Recorded in Belgian as "Dat Ben Jij", Written-By – Herman Pieter de Boer, Micky Otterspoor
   Wisur, Vigdis   2007
   Wolf, Karmen   2010
  Various Artists - ArtsWest: The Vocal Jazz Collective
   Wolf, Kate   1996
   Wolters, Burkhard    2006
  Buck Wolters studied classical music and composition in Germany and Jazz in Holland.
   Wong, Susan   2014
   Worthington, J.J.  
   Wright, Alyssa    2007
   Xu, Bei   2008
   Yamagata, Rachael    2009
   Yamori   2010
   Yang Hee Eun   1971
   Yazbeck, Tony   2015
   Yemm, Norman    1974
   Young, Josh   2005
   Young, Scott Paul   1978
   Young, Tom   2005
  Download from Website
   Yr Awr   1970
  Recorded in Welsh as "Hyn O Fyd"
   Yung, Lindsey   2011
   Zarin-taj   2007
  Shirlene Zarin-taj Brown - vocals ; John Ebata - piano.
   Zelenková, Jitka    2010
  Translated to Czech as "Sem a Tam"
Brandy Eyes
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008