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Daisy Summer Piper
   Lamberth, Jerry   2008
Day After Day
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
Dog Eat Dog
   Baufeutre, Marlon    2008
  Audio from a YouTube video
Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
   Lahm, David   2001
Don't Interrupt The Sorrow
   Mehldau, Brad    2007
   Moerman, Patrice   2010
   Williams, Felicity   2010
Down To You
   Adler, Robin  
   Chappell Kingsland  
   Colosseum II   1976
   Gamble, William   2010
   Jean-Phillippe Guy & Lori Lorenzen   2012
   Lydia Van Dam Group   1999
   Otero, Florencia   2012
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Souza, Luciana   2007
Dr. Junk
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
   The Ian Campbell Group   1968
   Big & Little Choruses, M.H. Stanley Intermediate School  
   Cherry, Marlon   2001
   Cunha, Fernanda   2009
   Jay, Tommy   2007
  Notes: Recorded at various locations in Ohio, 1974-86. Originally released as Old Age/No Age cassette in 1986. Edition of 500 (100 clear purple, 400 black).
   McGuinn, Roger   1976
   McGuinn, Roger   2004
  Live recording; available as a bonus track on this import edition
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
   Tomasic, Lindsay    2012
   Veloso, Caetano    2007
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007