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Miles of Aisles

[The photograph was] taken by Joni from the seat of a concert hall in Detroit. 'Something about that (view) appealed to me as an abstract painting - the blue blobs where the knees are, the checkerboard grid at the top. I like the way it looks, but more than that, it was just impulse,' she says. She used the picture as part of the 'Miles of Aisles' cover, drawing in the rest of the cover by extending the photograph's with primarily orange and blue inks.

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Mixed Media
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Comments on Miles of Aisles

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maxminor on 2014-Dec-28 at 07:42:10 GMT-5:
By the time I bought the LP, "Miles of Aisles", I was already a devoted Joni Mitchell fan. At the time I usually avoided live albums, in general. This beautiful cover is why I bought the LP, and of course, this excellent record forever changed my previous opinion of live albums. I'm sure I could never afford this original, but if a print of it became available, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.