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1972.03.02 Joni's next appearance Academy of Music Philadelphia, PA

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sandbaby 70 on

I saw Joni Mitchell for the first time when I was 19. I took my younger sister who was 16. We sat in the 3rd parquet box seat from the left side of the stage. Jackson Browne came out and played a set from his Saturate Before Using album. Then Joni came out and played her dulcimer, guitar and the piano. She said that she had a cold and blew her nose several times, but you never would have known it. I had chills when she hit those high notes. I became an instant fan and it was the most memorable concert I have ever been to.

Prmsusan on

I attended this concert, and quite by accident. A good friend of mine had a last minute ticket she got from someone who worked for Spivack Magid. If you are from Philly, and of an age that you have memory of the philly music scene, those surnames will be familiar. Jackson was a relative newbie, and Tom Scott was frankly a surprise. Her piano set was unforgettable, and this evening is forever emblazened in my memory. Although, gotta be honest....my friend and I were totally wasted that night....anybody remember the word Quaalude???? Need I say more. I worship Joni to this day!

jimcbuss on

When I saw Joni at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, the opening act was Tom Scott & the LA Express, whom I had never heard until that evening. Their set was excellent. Then Joni came on stage with a long gown, and sat at her piano & played a couple of songs solo, followed by Tom S & the LA Express as her backup band.They started with "Help Me" & other songs from "Court & Spark" I was 24 at the time, but her music touched my life, & continues to touch my life. I'll be 65 in Sept., & Joni, you will always be my "True North"

lorriec on

Went with awesome folk--including Miss Kane and Mr. Konecke; the venue was just perfect for Joni. Was puzzled to see some guy name Jackson Browne with her...and was instantly converted. Her sets were classy. I suppose most of all I remember the blue light on her and the piano as she sang "Blue" and of course the encore when Browne joined her. I've been to many concerts...and in fact saw her in Philly in 1983 and in Camden NJ in 2000. She is an icon.

stormy on

I was sweet 16 when I attended this concert. I had the best time of my life. To actually see Joni up on stage was a dream come true. I knew the words to every song. I remember a man in the audience shouted out "Joni, you have more class in your little finger than most people have in their whole body!" She was incredible and I love her so much!  [ed.]

grazerism on

It was my 23rd birthday. You can imagine what it was like for me to have the whole house singing "The Circle Game" on my birthday! It was great to see Jackson Browne too. We were prepubescent tenors together in the Burbank Jr Hi (Highland Park, Los Angeles) Junior Choir, and I helped teach him how to sing harmony. I have been a professional opera singer for 32 years, last 20 in Europe.

Luke on

This was a great show. I went with a friend of mine , one of the many,many times i had seen her , back then! She was very accessible to her fans. I remember she use to song called " STORY OF TWO HOUSES " which if i am not mistaken became , Rainy Night and Blue Boy. At the time i was a very young and had seen she alot on the east coast. I saw her many times , I use to listen to Gene Shay Folk show. Gene would give out the dates , and i would go to where ever she played ( NYC , Boston, D.C. The Philly Folk Fest and A.C. music fest. ( In Fact, I was the guy that tried to tell her, her monitor speaker and sound system was not loud enough for everyone to hear her and she , made a comment ' "If you don't tell that guy there (pointing at me) to stop yell whatever he is trying to say , I AM WALKING OFF" and She walked off.) THAT WAS NOT A BRIGHT SPOT IN MY LIFE TRUST ME. What a wonderful show the Academy of Music Show was. I am not sure what happened to the pictures i had of the show , i think the friend i went with had them .