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1975.11.15 Joni's next appearance Convention Center Niagara Falls, NY

Two shows.

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  •  [davidmartin]
  • Photo, copyright by Chris Fenger [NYCRobert]
  • Photo, copyright by Chris Fenger [NYCRobert]
  • Photo, copyright by Chris Fenger [NYCRobert]

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davidmartin on

I went to this concert just to see Joni. It was pretty good, the only song that I remember her performing was "Coyote". She only did a few songs and of course was superior to any of the other performers, including Dylan.
I remember her talking about the local Native Americans too, she was irritated about something to do with them. After the concert, she hung out in the bar of the Hyatt hotel near the convention center and danced mostly by herself, to the local band. My friend who was a great local singer approached Joni at the bar (she is a huge fan too) and Joni talked music with her for a while and danced with her too, she was very nice.