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1975.11.17 Joni's next appearance War Memorial Coliseum Rochester, NY

Two shows

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  • Either afternoon or evening show. [Hollowhorn]

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PeterE5964 on

I was SO THRILLED, as a college student (RIT) to see the Rolling Thunder Revue come through Rochester! What a lineup! I had been listening to "Blue" on many high school afternoon days & had been following Joni ever since. 5/10/18: Just finished the wonderful book on Joni's career by David Yaffe, "Reckless Daughter". Thankyou, Joni, for a lifetime of music!! And a very special "Happy Mothers Day" to you!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

petrovna on

It was 1975, and I was 28. Like everybody else, I loved my own generation's music best. But nothing, until then, had compelled me to go to a single concert, or festival, or lalapalooza-doo-whop-diddly-whomp event of any kind. I didn't like crowds; was nearly phobic about them. Only Joni Mitchell could make me downright happy to be in a big, noisy crowd, eager to hear the music. She made be behave like a fan, and like it.

Now if she would just get up and out of that bed (when it feels right), and come to perform in Berkeley (where I now live), I solemnly promise to drag my own old bones out of their semi-interment just to hear her sing and play. Or reminisce. Or whatever she wants to do. Now that's a fan talking. Joni Mitchell, I just plain love you. Get well.