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Peter Sprague plays Joni, Livestream Jan 15, 9:30pm Eastern

Posted January 09, 2021

The band includes some of the best with Tripp Sprague on sax, flute and piano; Mack Leighton on bass; Duncan Moore on drums; and Peter Sprague on guitar. Plus a special guest appearance all the way from Copenhagen —Sinne Eeg will sing two jazzified Joni tunes along with us through the magic technology. Sinne’s amazing and a huge Joni fan too!

Price of admission? Actually the concert is free but we will have a “virtual tip jar” complete with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo info for you to donate whatever you feel good about. Also good old snail mailing checks works too. You folks have been super generous with this and it makes us happy. More information here.