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16 Upcoming Tributes and Events

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The Ojai Storytelling Festival will present a musical evening featuring the Dreamland Band’s A Celebration of Joni Mitchell with Kimberly Ford and the Reverend Robert B. Jones critically acclaimed piece, “Three Chords, Five Notes” on Thursday, Oct. 28at the Ojai Art Center Patio @ 7:30 pm. More information here.

Joni's Soul began as a collaboration between "from-the-heart" London soul singer Gina Foster and former longtime Van Morrison guitarist Ronnie Johnson, enlisting some of UK's very finest players with a shared love for an artist they consider to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters and guitar innovators of the last half century.

Coyote, Hejira, Edith and the Kingpin, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, A Case of You, Trouble Child, Help Me and Gina’s gorgeous version of Both Sides Now - it’s through songs like these that the band explore the unique songwriting and gift of performance Joni revealed in her iconic albums Blue, Court and Spark, Hejira, The Hissing of Summer Lawns and beyond …

Drawing on their own emotional response to these songs Joni’s Soul have looked beyond merely the faithful reproduction of the Joni Mitchell songbook to shine a light on the most soulful aspects of her words and music. The band's recently released cd 'Shades Of Joni' passionately illustrates their well-defined and warm interpretations of some of the finest songwriting and performance in music history.

Gina Foster - vocals, Ronnie Johnson and Patrick Johnson (guitars), Ross Stanley (keyboards), Steve Pearce (bass), Ian Thomas (drums).

More information here.

Brandi Carlile will perform Joni Mitchell’s Blue in its entirety at Carnegie Hall this fall, her second time covering the legendary LP.

Carlile first performed the album in October 2019 in Los Angeles, shortly after she met the singer-songwriter at her 75th birthday tribute concert. Since then, the two musicians have formed a close bond, with Carlile recently writing the liner notes for the 50th-anniversary reissue of Blue.

“In my opinion, Blue is the greatest album ever made,” she wrote. “Blue didn’t make me a better songwriter. Blue made me a better woman… No matter what we are dealing with in these times we can rejoice and know that of all the ages we could have lived through, we lived in the time of Joni Mitchell.”

General tickets for the November 6th concert go on sale Thursday at 11 am E.T. Carlile recently announced her new album In These Silent Days, out October 1st via Low Country Sound/Elektra Records.

In honor of Ms. Mitchell’s 77th birthday, Reckless Daughter - In Celebration of Joni Mitchell will perform the album “Blue”, plus hits and deep cuts from selected albums and adapted live arrangements.

2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of “Blue”. In “Blue”, Ms. Mitchell reveals her personal truth through her storytelling style of songwriting. Vulnerable, heart breaking with glimmers of hope to a new future, the album marks her first step beyond the “folk singer” classification imposed by the recording industry. Produced by Ms. Mitchell, with James Taylor having a few guest appearances, it’s stark style leaves room for each track to unfold to the next. Each song, as she later wrote, a confession that ended up taking years to be actually revealed. Beloved throughout the world, “Blue” is a masterpiece and a treasured work in most music enthusiasts collections and playlists.

Joining Peg Talbott-Lane on vocals for “Blue” are Amanda Brizzi, Roxy Fae, Irene Lambrou & Shannon McGill.

Reckless Daughter - In Celebration of Joni Mitchell, curated / produced by Peg Talbott-Lane, features an 9-piece band under the music direction of guitarist Troy Schoenmeier:| Mark Schreiber & James Farrell on Drums / Percussion | Glenn Marrazzo, Bass | Tony Winkler & Barry Hollander, Acoustic, Electric Guitar & Mandolin | Rob Lawrence, Piano/Organ | Mark Zelesky, Horns | Andrew McMaster, Piano.

Love City Music Collective is a group consisting of Philadelphia area vocalists and musicians with a mission of re-covering influential contemporary Rock / Alternative music no longer being played live by the original artist. More information here.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic Joni Mitchell masterpiece, Blue, this workshop will delve into the creativity and evolution of Joni Mitchell’s innovative compositions. Considered one of the most important composers of our time, Mitchell has blessed us with her often prophetic, emotional and honest lyrics along with an advanced harmonic sense that put her in the company of iconic musicians like Jaco Pastorious, Charles Mingus, Pat Metheny, James Taylor and more.

The Evolution - Part 1: Exploring Joni Mitchell songs recorded by other artists through the years including dedication recordings such as River: The Joni Letters (Herbie Hancock), After Blue (Tierney Sutton), Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light (Laurie Antonioli) and A Tribute to Joni Mitchell (various artists). More information here.

Join us for a night of sisterhood while we celebrate the life and music of Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. And what better day to do that than on her 78th birthday!

You will be in store for an amazing concert featuring an all-star lineup of talented performers including Tisa Batchelder, Jenny Bienemann, Lisa DeRosia, Laura Doherty, Cathy Norden, Cat Tager and Aerin Tedesc . More information here.

The Joni Project formed as a tribute in sound and spirit to Joni Mitchell, one of music’s greatest and most innovative artists.

From the deep folk roots of her musical beginnings, Joni’s music has evolved over the years to include elements of funk, rock and the full palette of harmonic colors embodied by modern jazz. Her innovative guitar tunings and brilliantly original chord progressions were paired with beautifully crafted melodies adorned by lyrics of unmatched poetic profundity to create some of the most powerfully enduring and well-loved songs of all time. The Joni Project is fronted by the remarkable multiple-instrumentalist and songwriter Katie Pearlman on guitar & vocals, and also includes jazz and jam band mainstays Dave Berg on guitar, Dan Ehrlich on bass, Alan Lerner on drums, Mark Mancini on keyboards, Steve Finklestein on percussion, Premik Russell Tubbs on saxophone and flute, and Victoria Faiella on background vocals. More information here.

Don Juan‘s Reckless Daughters: Sarah Buxton and Emily West sing Joni Mitchell. More information here.

For the final JBGB Events Jazz Cabaret series at Piano Smithfield, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s seminal album “Blue” with classic songs “A Case Of You” : “My Old Man” and many more, we present the outstanding singer/pianist Joanna Eden.

Following on from her many sell out shows with Jazz at The Movies, Swinging Christmas: her Embraceable Ella show, and Joni Mitchell’s “Clouds” album plus a most recent show at The Crazy Coqs, Joanna presents this further celebration of the life and music of the most iconic US singer/song writer.

Starting as a finger-picking folkie and winding up as a jazz-savvy experimentalist, Joni Mitchell has brought a sharp eye, light touch and an agile trill of a voice to her songs, which have often dissected her romances and skewered myopic governments.

Mitchell became a critical sensation on Detroit’s folk scene, and her notices led to a series of successful engagements in New York. These early songs, ”Both Sides Now” “Eastern Rain” “The Circle Game” & ”Clouds” have become standards. More information here.

Miles of Aisles is a retrospective of Joni Mitchell's rich catalogue and life. Hosted by Danielle Lebeau Petersen, and accompanied by Nick Mintenko, Matthew Pease, and Gordon Light. More information here.

Joni Mitchell left an imprint on the lives of countless admirers, and 2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of Joni’s seminal album, ‘Blue’, a coming-of-age travelogue and a trusted and wise companion to devoted fans, and for those still discovering her genius.

Songstress Ange Boxall, accompanied by pianist Tony Fox, present songs of Blue, along with Joni favourites in intimate settings across Tasmania, from A Case of You, to Both Sides Now, & Big Yellow Taxi, this will be a show to be loved in itself. More information here.

2021 is the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s iconic album, Blue. So Sara Colman and her 10 piece band come together to celebrate Mitchell’s music and songs with the launch of her own CD, Ink on a Pin. It features lush strings, soaring horns and richly expressive vocals, proving why Colman is considered one of our leading jazz singers. Breathtaking! More information here.

Lauren Fox created The Evolution of Joni Mitchell, after being inspired by David Yaffe’s passionate, brilliant biography, “Reckless Daughter.” In chronological order, Lauren and David take us on a captivating and enlightening journey through Joni Mitchell’s life and music!

Lauren is joined by musicians, Peter Calo (Carly Simon, Sophie B. Hawkins), on guitar, and Jeff Eyrich (Tim Buckley, Bette Midler) on bass. More information here.

Coral Egan, Yannick Rieu, Rick Haworth, Daniel Thouin and four other partners. Joni Mitchell is a unique and timeless artist. Not only does she have a career spanning half a century, but each of her albums is a world of its own. A formation made up of the cream of Quebec musicians, namely Coral Egan (voice), Yannick Rieu (saxophone) and Daniel Thouin (piano) accompanied by Rick Haworth (electric guitar), Rémi-Jean Leblanc (bass), Joana Peters (percussion) , voice), Robbie Kuster (drums) and Zachary Boileau (acoustic guitar) offers here an overview of her work where jazz, folk and pop come together in an original and relevant way. One can expect a very personal reinterpretation of River, Big Yellow Taxi, Coyote and other ones, but strongly anchored in the spirit of the musical openness that characterizes Joni Mitchell's repertoire. The songs thus become a playground for improvisation and interpretation. A retrospective that does not give in to nostalgia, but that undoubtedly fits into the present. More information here.

Bradley Thachuk, conductor- Sarah Slean, vocalist. Joni Mitchell’s iconic blend of blues, rock, and jazz has made her of one of Canada’s most beloved folk musicians. More information here.

Renée Fleming, Lalah Hathaway, Aoife O’Donovan, and Moses Sumney gather for a heartfelt tribute to folk music legend Joni Mitchell. This special evening will be led by Vince Mendoza—who won Grammys for his arrangement of “Both Sides Now,” from Mitchell’s album of the same name, and “Woodstock” from Travelogue. More information here.