Past Tributes & Events

Past tributes and events

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Vocal icons Joni Mitchell and Judy Garland were on the fringe in their own respective decades, trailblazing the entertainment industry and sharing their talents with the world. Come "Get Happy" and experience "Both Sides Now" of two incredible performers with an amazing live band! More information here.

Members of the Untold Orchestra are joined by singers Anna Mcluckie and Ada Francis for an intimate evening of music and storytelling inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell. More information here.

Members of the Untold Orchestra are joined by singers Anna Mcluckie and Ada Francis for an intimate evening of music and storytelling inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell. More information here.

Featuring: Andi Morrow, Rhiannon West, Rayssa, Dani Hagen, Arielle Silver, Sawanya Soul, Lyra Star, Kathleen Marie, Arthur Autumn, Alan Rigoletto . More information here.

Joni's Soul began as a collaboration between "from-the-heart" London soul singer Gina Foster and former longtime Van Morrison guitarist Ronnie Johnson, enlisting some of UK's very finest players with a shared love for an artist they consider to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters and guitar innovators of the last half century.

Coyote, Hejira, Edith and the Kingpin, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, A Case of You, Trouble Child, Help Me and Gina’s gorgeous version of Both Sides Now - it’s through songs like these that the band explore the unique songwriting and gift of performance Joni revealed in her iconic albums Blue, Court and Spark, Hejira, The Hissing of Summer Lawns and beyond …

Drawing on their own emotional response to these songs Joni’s Soul have looked beyond merely the faithful reproduction of the Joni Mitchell songbook to shine a light on the most soulful aspects of her words and music. The band's recently released cd 'Shades Of Joni' passionately illustrates their well-defined and warm interpretations of some of the finest songwriting and performance in music history.

Gina Foster - vocals, Ronnie Johnson and Patrick Johnson (guitars), Ross Stanley (keyboards), Steve Pearce (bass), Richard Bailey (drums). More information here.

"There's been a lot of celebration of Joni Mitchell's album, "Blue," this year since it was released 50 years ago in June 2021. It is indeed a special record which has moved and influenced generations of songwriters and audiences. We are honored to be able to share our version.

"Michele Temple and I are also celebrating an anniversary: In August 2012,

"I called Michele, asking her to learn all the songs from "Blue" in their original keys and arrangements so we could perform them at The Bitter End where Joni used to play. I had personal reasons to heal from pain and loss for pursuing this project - it was not about heroine worship. I planned to perform the album the way I heard it as a kid, in the order the songs were placed on the LP. Delighted that Michele agreed to play with me, we got to work.

"Instead of the usual one or two rehearsals for a show, we found ourselves meeting repeatedly before the concert, getting into deep discussions about each song, musically and in terms of the poetry and meaning of the lyrics.

"This was not common pop music - there was something else going on here and we were always investigating.

"I thought "Blue" would be a project for a few months, but the intense work involved inspired us to keep developing and playing this interesting music and to study over 30 songs from Joni's first six records over the past nine years.

"We hope you'll enjoy what we've come up with, painstakingly learning the notes that Joni and her colleagues played, joining with our colleagues in future concerts to share more with you."

Joni Mitchell´s Music with Hela San 5 pm, Teatro Santa Ana. More information here.

Live performances of the work of Joni Mitchell by Hannah Reimann, vocals, piano and dulcimer with Michele Temple, guitars. Featuring Songs from Joni's first four albums re-released by JONI MITCHELL ARCHIVES celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original release of BLUE. More information here.

For its 50th anniversary, join us in an online listening party for Joni Mitchell's Blue. NPR Music's Ann Powers will be joined by singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, who performed her own tribute to Blue in 2019, for a live conversation about this monumental album.

The event will take place on the anniversary of the album's release, June 22, at 2 p.m. ET – you can RSVP via NPR Presents and watch via YouTube. More information here.

On June 22, 2021, between 1-4 PM EST, host Lisa Sahulka will dedicate her show, Afternoon Jazz with Lisa Sahulka, to a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Blue by singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell. More information here.