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1969.07.25 Joni's next appearance Mariposa Folk Festival — Centre Island Toronto, ON

July 25-27. Joni and Joan Baez were among the performers
during the ninth Mariposa Folk Festival. Portions were filmed
by the CBC and broadcast on Sept. 28 in a program titled
Mariposa: A Folk Festival.

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  • Joni laughing before her performance.  Photo by Fred Ross.
  • Joni before her performance.<br> Photo by Fred Ross.
  • Joni is featured in a 3-page article: <i>MARIPOSA 1968 portfolio of photographs of last year's festival, by William Smith.</i><br>Page 19 from the Programme.
  • Friday, July 25 included Joni during the <i>Instrumental Sessions</i>. Page 16 from the Programme.
  • Joni performed during the Instrumental Sessions on Friday, July 25. <br>Page 14 from the Programme.
  • Evening concert schedule.<br>Page 13 from the Programme.
  • Article & Photo of Joni: <i><b>MARIPOSA EVENING PERFORMERS - 
Almost all Mariposa's evening performers are also taking part in daytime workshops and informal get-togethers. Check listing on 16.</i></b><br>Page 9 from the Programme.
  • <i>Sam the Record Man</i> ad for<br><b>CLOUDS</b> and <b>SONG TO A SEAGULL</b> albums.<br>Page 2 of the Programme.
  • 1969 Mariposa Folk Festival Programme - Front Cover.
  • Photo by Fred Ross
  • From the Spectrum

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Rivoli on

As I remember it, Joni had an upright piano on stage that night, announcing that she was just learning to play it and apologising in advance for any mistakes.