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DonJuansRecklessDaughter on

why does a melody in your name sound SO familiar ?

Garnet on

Forget Dylan, Cohen, Waits all of them. Joni for me is possibly the greatest songwriter and guitarist of them all........though I have to say Prince runs her close.

Paul3man on

You always have been and always will be a beautiful lady, Joni

Patty P on

As a devoted fan for over 46 years, I beg that these early and unrecorded songs get released by Joni. The original quality just adds to their brilliance. I know that Joni won't think that these are good enough, but as a loyal fan of everything Joni please please release these songs as they stand. Much love and huge respect lady

phenry on

When you look at all the songs Joni performed but never released I find it really interesting to me to look at what I call the transition songs because I was there and at that time I got to listen to them all mixed together! I believe these are the ones that eventually got recorded:
Urge For Going
Little Green
Morning Morgantown
Blue Boy
Song to a Seagull
I Don't Know Where I Stand
The Circle Game
Chelsea Morning
Both Sides Now
Michael From Mountains
Night In The City
The Dawntreader
...and here are all the unreleased songs she wrote and played. I find it fascinating to think of her thinking and choosing over the first few years of her career what songs to record. I remember what a shock it was when STAS came out and most of the songs were new to me even though the last time I'd seen her play was less than a year before I walked into a store and saw it sitting there on the shelf! What an awesome day that was!  [ed.]  [ed.]

BarryG on

There are a few of these on Second fret set.

BarryG on

Joni I would love to her you sing these songs, they are the only ones that I have not got, but I understand, I have Song to a Seagull (original from realese day in the U.K.)and all the others. I'm 61 now, what I have will last me the rest of my life. all the best Barry

suitfugue on

Joni, I am webmaster for Kevin Gilbert.com. He sadly passed on when he was 29 (1996) but left a wealth of music which you can hear on his site. His legacy lives on because his friends and the Estate banded together to make his unreleased music his legacy. Please - I beg of you, release your music so that we can love them and enjoy them while you are still here. It means so much to those who love you and your talent. Please.
Debbie Miller  [ed.]

tommywalrath on

please allow us to hear these now before you pass away and never know how much we love them and you!!!!

prjinor on

I would be honored to have these songs released for your fans to enjoy them. Just reading the lyrics is not enough...I'm sure there are reasons they were not included on your albums, but we would all love to experience them, if you would allow us to.

LKay09 on

What an incredible list of unreleased songs!!! Wow - talk about buried treasure - these diamonds need to shine! Please release them!!!

TopinVasil on

I'm very pleased to be, maybe, the first one to have a comment about this collection of unreleased songs and i make a suggestion (sorry about my english but i'm portuguese): Why doesn't Joni Mitchell finally edit these songs in their original way and also new versions as, for instance, the ones that we listen to on "Travelogue", which are beautiful?
Hoping that soon this can be possible,
best regards, Carlos