A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001-2017.
Special thanks to Joel Bernstein for his contributions and assistance.
Latest Update: August 15, 2015
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A Chronology of Appearances by year

Recent comments

  • 1972.03.02 Academy of Music, Philadelphia

    I attended this concert, and quite by accident. A good friend of mine had a last minute ticket she g...

  • 1983.04.29 Theatre de Beaulieu, Lausanne

    Heartbreaking...this concert was cancelled. My best friend and I had tickets and he called me with t...

  • 1976.05.16 Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth

    3rd row, center. An astounding, memorable night....

  • 1974.08.27 The Music Shed at Tanglewood, Lenox

    Cinner, I think you must be thinking of the summer of 1979 concert on August 21st which I was at as ...

  • 1974.08.27 The Music Shed at Tanglewood, Lenox

    Terry Holland, Thank you for posting these photos of Joni at Tanglewood. This was the first time I s...

  • 1976.01.18 Elliott Hall of Music, Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette

    My college roommate and I were there too! Purdue is a conservative school and a lot of the attendee...

  • 1969.07.25 Mariposa Folk Festival, Centre Island, Toronto

    As I remember it, Joni had an upright piano on stage that night, announcing that she was just learni...

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