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Chronology by Year - 1988

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  1988.03.17   Interview No. Hollywood,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Timothy White for his book Rock Lives.

  1988.03     The Journal—CBC TV Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Paul McGrath. Broadcast on March 11.

  1988.03     MuchWest—Interview, MuchMusic TV Network Vancouver,  BC  
Joni was interviewed by Terry David Mulligan.
Broadcast April 5, 1988.

  1988.03.22   The Hot Stove Club—Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto,  ON  
Joni held a press conference promoting her new album
Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm.

  1988.03.22   New Music—CITY TV Toronto,  ON  
Joni was interviewed by Denise Donlon shortly after the press
conference at the Hot Stove Club. The interview took place at
the home of Denise Donlon & (husband) Murray McLaughlin.
Broadcast on April 21, 1988.

  1988.03.25   Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon,  SK  
A press conference

  1988.04.01   Prime Time Live—CBC Radio Toronto,  ON  
Joni was interviewed by Ralph Benmergui.

  1988.04.04   Good Morning America—ABC TV Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Hollywood reporter Chantal.

  1988.04.19   Avsminkat Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was interviewed for a program broadcast in Sweden.

  1988.05     Interview BBC Radio 1 London,  England  
Joni was interviewed by host Johnny Walker.

  1988.05     Interview Capitol Radio London,  England  
Joni was interviewed by David Jensen. Geffen Records
issued an edited version on a promotional CD entitled
A Special Conversation For Radio to promote her album
Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm.

  1988.05     MTV-Britain London,  England  

  1988.05     Interview Session - Amstel Hotel Amsterdam,  Holland  
Joni was interviewed by by Hubert van Hoof for a program
broadcast on Sept. 4th as Joni Mitchell's All-Time Favorites.

  1988.05     TopPop Spesial—NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) Oslo,  Norway  
Joni was interviewed by Hege Duckert.

  1988.05.09   Breakfast Time—BBC 2 TV London,  England  
Joni was interviewed by Caroline Righton.

  1988.05.09   Rapido—BBC 2 TV London,  England  

  1988.05.20   Wired—Granada Television London,  England  
A music and interview program, hosted by Lenore Pemberton.

  1988.05     Kippevel—VARA TV Amsterdam,  Holland  
Joni was interviewed by Jan Douwe Kroeske and
also performed two songs. Broadcast on May 26.

  1988.05.20   Eclection (Art Exhibition)—Parco Gallery Tokyo,  Japan  
An exhibition scheduled to coincide with the release of
Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm. This show was the first, and
only exhibition, during which Joni actually sold paintings.
Joni attended the opening reception on May 20th.
The exhibit was on display until June 8th.

  1988.05     The Album Show—Radio EON FM Australia  
Joni was interviewed by Billy Pinnell.

  1988.05     National Album Review Australia  
Joni was interviewed and played one song during
a syndicated radio broadcast.

  1988.05.31   Ray Martin Midday Show—9 Network TV Australia  

  1988.06.05   Sunday Program—9 Network TV Australia  
  1988.06.07   Rock Arena Show—ABC TV Sydney,  Australia  

  1988.07.07   Top Half—Avalon Studios TV-NZ Wellington,  New Zealand  
Joni was interviewed by Dylan Taite.

  1988.07.09   Vicki Gabereau Show—CBC Radio Toronto,  ON  
A radio broadcast featuring an interview with Joni.

  1988.07.31   Radio With Pictures—Avalon Studios TV-NZ Wellington,  New Zealand  
Joni was interviewed by Dick Driver and also
performed two songs. (Broadcast date)

  1988.09.04   Hubier On The Air—KRO Radio Amsterdam,  Holland  
A music and interview program.
Joni spoke to Hubert van Hoof and chose 12 songs
for a program titled Joni Mitchell's All-Time Favorites.

  1988.10.22   San Remo Songfest—Ariston Theatre, RAI TV San Remo,  Italy  
L'impegno, L'amore was the title of an Italian TV broadcast
of Joni's concert at the 1988 San Remo Song Fest where
she also received the 1988 Tenco Award for her songwriting.

  1988.12.09   Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles,  CA  
"A Benefit For Victims of Violent Crime" sponsored by the
non-profit corporation Helping Innocent People. Organized by
honorary chairman Larry Carlton, the concert featured Joni
along with Christopher Cross, David Foster, Michael Franks,
Stanley Jordan, Lyle Lovett, Michael McDonald, Michelle Pillar,
Juice Newton and Take Six.

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