A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year - 1991

(Unconfirmed information is highlighted)

  • 1991     Interview Session Los Angeles, CA

    Joni was interviewed by Steve Rowland about Miles Davis for the radio program The Miles Davis Radio Project.

  • 1991.02   The Night Ride Home Radio Program Los Angeles, CA

    This program featured an interview with Joni as well as songs
    from her new album. Geffen Records issued an edited version
    on a promotional CD for broadcast in Canada.

  • 1991     Morning Becomes Eclectic—KCRW-FM Santa Monica, CA

    Joni was interviewed by Chris Douridas.

  • 1991.03.30 Swinging On A Star—CBC FM Vancouver, BC

    Joni was interviewed by Murray McLauchlan and performed
    several songs with Murray and Larry Klein.

  • 1991.03.31 Joni was Interviewed by Antoine de Caunes Los Angeles, CA

    Portions of this interview were used in the
    BBC 2 TV Program Rapido, broadcast in May.

  • 1991.04.04 Good Morning America—ABC TV New York, NY

  • 1991.04.12 Arts & Entertainment Revue Los Angeles, CA

    An interview program featuring video clips and
    a selection of Joni's paintings from various eras

  • 1991.04.17 VH1-To-1 Los Angeles, CA

    A half-hour interview program featuring video clips and
    a selection of Joni's paintings from various eras
    Initial broadcast date - April 28, 1991

  • 1991.05   Rapido—BBC 2 TV London, England

    Joni was interviewed by Tracey MacLeod.

  • 1991     The Late Show—BBC 2 TV London, England

    Joni Mitchell was interviewed by Tracey Macleod

  • 1991.05.10 McCabe's Guitar Shop Santa Monica, CA

    Joni and Larry attended Eric Andersen's concert at McCabe's.
    Eric called Joni on stage. She sang harmony on his song
    "Blue River" and performed two additional songs herself.

  • 1991.05.23 Ramada Renaissance Hotel Saskatoon, SK

    Joni spoke at the annual conference of the Canada Council for
    The Arts whose self-described goal was to ""make van Goghs""
    out of Canadian arts students. With characteristic candor,
    Mitchell told the group, ""A lot of great art comes out of mental
    disturbance. How are you gonna teach that?""

  • 1991.08   Mariposa: Under a Stormy Sky

    One-hour documentary special that celebrates the musical spirit of
    the Mariposa Festival, one of the oldest folk festivals in No. America.
    The festival brings together a wide variety of performers who draw
    on traditional roots to explore new and exciting musical directions.

    Originally broadcast in 1992 on CTV and Bravo in Canada and
    on Discovery Channel in the USA