A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year

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  • 1976.01.23 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio

    @DeniseSchillaci - this was also my first concert when I was 14 years old...and, coincidentally, I b...

  • 1974.03.09 Highland High School Auditorium, Salt Lake City

    I was having dinner at Snowbird that night and Joni and the band came in for a later dinner. I was ...

  • 1986.06.15 A Conspiracy Of Hope, Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford

    jlark, you really think the song choice for that night was bad? She played three. 'The Three Great...

  • 2023.06.10 ECHOES Through The CANYON ,
    Brandi Carlile's Joni Jam @ The Gorge Amphitheater, George

    Does anyone know whether the Gorge show will be released on BluRay or on a streaming service? I tho...

  • 1974.02.14 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh

    My very very first concert. I was supposed to babysit for a couple for Valentine's Day but the wife ...

  • 1972.02.23 Carnegie Hall, New York

    I think she was caught in traffic and was late to start. This was the first and only time I saw he...

  • 1974.03.29 Austin Coliseum, Austin

    I was a senior at the University of Texas when I attended this show. It was the night before my fri...

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  • Bread & Roses Festival of Music, Greek Theatre, Berkeley
  • Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
  • Carnegie Hall, New York
  • Mandel Hall - University of Chicago, Chicago
  • Mandel Hall - University of Chicago, Chicago
  • DAR Constitution Hall, Washington