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Released: November 19, 2002

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Produced by Larry Klein and Joni Mitchell

Musical Direction by Larry Klein; Arranged and Conducted by Vince Mendoza
Recorded by Geoff Foster and Helik Hadar; Assisted by Jake Jackson,
Andy Strange, Jeff Burns, Tom Sweeney and Darrell Thorp; Mixed by Allen Sides
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Recorded at Air Studio, Lyndhurst Hall, London, England; Ocean Way Recording,
Hollywood, CA; Record One, Sherman Oaks, CA; Market Street, Venice, CA
Mixed at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, CA; Production Coordination: Cindi Peters and Dana Pilson for Worlds End (America) Inc.
Paintings by Joni Mitchell; Art Direction & Photography by Joni Mitchell & P.d. Whoodsmithe

Musicians: Brian Blade: Drums; Chuck Berghofer: Acoustic Bass; Larry Klein: Electric Bass; Herbie Hancock: Piano; Billy Preston: B-3 Organ; Wayne Shorter: Soprano Saxophone; Plas Johnson: Tenor Saxophone; Kenny Wheeler: Flugelhorn; Paulinho DaCosta: Percussion;
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths; Copyist: Vic Fraser; Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright; Violins: Perry Montague-mason, Chris Tombling, Dave Woodcock, Jonathan Strange, Rebecca Hirsch, Warren Zielinski, Liz Edwards, David Emanuel, Douglas Mackie, Helen Hathorn, Jonathan Evens Jones, Mark Berrow, Mike McMenemy, Jackie Shave, Pat Kiernan, Boguslav Kostecki, Julian Leaper, Kathy Shave, Cathy Thompson, Ben Cruft, Jim McLeod, Peter Hansen, Simon Fischer, Dermot Crehan, Everton Nelson, Paul Wiley, Antonia Fuchs, Rita Manning, Jonathan Rees; Violas: Peter Lale, Bob Smissen, Phil Dukes, Bruce White, Gustav Clarkson, Rachel Bolt, Don McVey, Catherine Bradshaw, Justin Ward, Zoe Lake, Tim Grant, Garfield Jackson; Celli: Anthony Pleeth, Tony Lewis, Martin Loveday, Dave Daniels, David Bucknall, Frank Shaefer, Paul Keff, Helen Liebmann, Steve Orton, Jonathan Tunnell, Robin Firman; Basses: Chris Laurence, Mary Scully, Leon Bosch, Paddy Lannigan, David Ayre, Simon Benson; Flutes: Andy Findon, Helen Keen, Anna Noakes; Soprano Saxophone: Phil Todd; Oboes: John Anderson, Sue Bohling, Chris Cowle; Cornet: Sue Bohling; Clarinets: Nick Bucknall, Dave Fuest, Heather Nicholl; Bassoons: Julie Andrews, Robin O’Neill, Gavin McNaughton; Contra Bassoon: Richard Skinner; Horns: John Pigneguy, Richard Watkins, David Pyatt, Richard Bissell, Mike Thompson, Richard Berry, Phil Eastop, Simon Rayner; Trumpets: Andy Crowley, Derek Watkins, John Barclay, Paul Archibald, Simon Gardner, Stuart Brooks, Kenny Wheeler; C-Trumpet: Andy Crowley; Trombones: Peter Davies, Mike Hext, Peter Beachill, Richard Edwards, Roger Harvey; Bass Trombone: Dave Stewart; Tuba: Owen Slade; Harps: Skaila Kanga, Helen Tunstall, Hugh Webb; Percussion: Steve Henderson, Frank Ricotti, Bill Lockhart, Chris Baron, Glyn Matthews; Piano: John Lenehan; Lute: Jacob Heringman; Choir Conductor: Jenny O’Grady; Metro Voices Choir: Jonathan Arnold, John Bowley, Lindsay Benson, Andrew Busher, Jeremy Birchall, Matthew Brooke, Stepeh Charlesworth, Michael Dore, Robert Evns, Graham Godfrey, Donald Greig, Simon Grant, Robert Johnston, Robert Kearley, John Kingsley-Smith, Gerald  O’Beirne, Michael Pearn, David Porter-Thomas, Johnathan Rathbone, Jeremy Rose.

All songs written by Joni Mitchell except UNCHAINED MELODY written by Hy Zaret/Alex North ©1955 Frank Music Corp. (ASCAP)
THE CIRCLE GAME ©1966 Crazy Crow Music.  WOODSTOCK, JUDGEMENT OF THE MOON AND STARS, FOR THE ROSES, JUST LIKE THIS TRAIN ©1973 Crazy Crow Music.  TROUBLE CHILD, THE DAWNTREADER ©1974 Crazy Crow Music.  THE LAST TIME I SAW RICHARD ©1975 Crazy Crow Music.  AMELIA, HEJIRA ©1977 Crazy Crow Music.  OTIS AND MARLENA ©1978 Crazy Crow Music.  GOD MUST BE A BOOGIE MAN ©1979 Crazy Crow Music.  LOVE, YOU DREAM FLAT TIRES, BE COOL, CHINESE CAFÉ ©1982 Crazy Crow Music.  REFUGE OF THE ROADS ©1984 Crazy Crow Music.  SLOUCHING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM, CHEROKEE LOUISE ©1991 Crazy Crow Music.  THE SIRE OF SORROW, SEX KILLS, BORDERLINE ©1994 Crazy Crow Music.  All rights administered by Sony/ATV Frank Music Corp. (ASCAP).  Wayne Shorter appears courtesy of the Verve Music Group.  Herbie Hancock appears courtesy of the Verve Music Group and Transparent Music.  Brian Blade appears courtesy of Blue Note Records.

Worldwide Management: Stephen Macklan & Sam Feldman,
Macklam/Feldman Management Inc.
1505 West 2nd Ave, Suite 200,
Vancouver BC Canada V6H 3Y4

Larry Klein would like to thank Joni, for giving me the priviledge and honor of re-contextualizing her great songs.  Vince Mendoza, for his great talent and for being a patient and willing collaborator.  Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock for their peerless artistry. 
Richard and Diane Klein for everything.

This album is dedicated to my parents, Bill and Myrtle Anderson, who sent me off on this journey.

Nonesuch Records, a Warner usic Group Company, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104 è2002 Nonesuch Records for the United States and WEA International, Inc. for the world outside of the United Stats
©2002 Joni Mitchell.

Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.

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Comments on this album

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LarryO on 2015-Jun-07 at 10:36:04 GMT-5:
Dedicated to her mother and father. Beautiful.  [ed.]
snakevic on 2014-Apr-15 at 14:00:05 GMT-5:
Great work!!!!!
When we listen the album in High Res or SASD ???  [ed.]
Vallin on 2011-Nov-26 at 10:01:50 GMT-5:
I got this album as Uranus was making it's half-return (I was 41 Nov. 21 2002). Every year since I love it more as I appreciate how its maturity (and Joni's) reflects my own. This is the third (chronologically) of a triptych of watershed personally defining albums: ELP's 'Works, Vol. I'. and Renaissance's 'A Song For All Seasons' the other two.
brentholcomb84 on 2010-Mar-03 at 02:43:02 GMT-5:
Beethoven...Chopin...Debussy...Gershwin...Mitchell. This Travelogue is unquestionably timeless. No one but Joni Mitchell could have given us this. Right at this moment in the world, a genius is among us. Thank you for this masterpiece, Joni. With much love, Brent Holcomb
simper on 2010-Feb-27 at 07:12:55 GMT-5:
The orchestra takes her music to a different level.THis is a wonderful tribute to a great artist