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Released: June 1971

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» Album Notes

Stephen Stills: Bass & Guitar on "Carey."
James Taylor: Guitar on "California," "All I Want," "A Case of You."
Sneeky Pete: Pedal Steel on "California," "This Flight Tonight."
Russ Kunkel: Drums on "California," "Carey," "A Case of You."
Engineer: Henry Lewy
Art Direction: Gary Burden
Cover Photography: Tim Considine
Recorded at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, California
All Selections copyright 1971, Joni Mitchell Music, Inc. (BMI)
Except "Little Green," copyright 1967 Siquomb Music (BMI)

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» Guitar Transcriptions

 » A Case Of You (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 7.83
 » A Case Of You (Guitar tablature by Thomas Morris)
 » A Case Of You (Guitar chords by Steve Johnson) - Rated 9.00
 » All I Want (Guitar tablature by Chad Preston and Glenn Siegel)
 » All I Want (Dulcimer tablature by Howard Wright)
 » All I Want (Guitar chords by Steve Johnson) - Rated 7.00
 » Blue (Guitar tablature by Joshua Diedrich)
 » California (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson) - Rated 10.00
 » California (Guitar chords by Howard Wright)
 » California (Dulcimer tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 9.00
 » Carey (Guitar chords by Howard Wright)
 » Carey (Guitar chords by Peter Hack) - Rated 10.00
 » Carey (Dulcimer tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 10.00
 » Little Green (Guitar tablature by Tino Meinen and Phil Champ) - Rated 9.00
 » Little Green (Guitar tablature by Tino Meinen)
 » My Old Man (Guitar chords by Robin Waite)
 » River (Guitar chords by John Uriel)
 » River (Guitar chords by Harlan Thompson)
 » River (Guitar chords by Sam Stone) - Rated 10.00
 » The Last Time I Saw Richard (Guitar chords by John Uriel)
 » This Flight Tonight (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright) - Rated 10.00

» Piano Transcriptions

 » Blue (by Howard Wright) - Rated 5.00
 » Blue (by Dave Blackburn) - Rated 8.25
 » My Old Man (by Dave Blackburn) - Rated 9.50
 » River (by Howard Wright) - Rated 8.00

Comments on this album

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Randyvent on 2014-Jul-21 at 10:44:32 GMT-5:
One of my all-time favorite albums. I love it! Every song is special and so well written and performed. Joni is a one of a kind talent.

Andriy on 2013-Feb-19 at 22:10:16 GMT-5:
My friend Taylor was making a mix-CD for her boyfriend for Valentine's Day, she had asked if I had any suggestions, so I had mentioned "A Case of You," she had never really heard the song before and decided to look it up on YouTube to see if it was right for the CD. Long story short, she also found "All I Want" and simply fell in love with Mitchell's voice. I believe that this just goes to show how timeless her music is. Taylor had never listened to 70's folk before and has now realized why I quote Mitchell with every sensitive moment I have. Everyone can relate to her writings no matter how old they are. I can't wait to see how her boyfriend likes the two perfect love songs from 1971.
Jacquie on 2009-Nov-21 at 11:53:23 GMT-5:
There was always something about the song "Little Green" that made my heart skip a beat. I didn't know what it was. Maybe the explanation was what I read about decades later in an interview of Joni. I am so glad some peace was found.
LKay09 on 2009-Jul-22 at 12:03:16 GMT-5:
This is the fourth Joni Mitchell album I purchased back in the early 1970's. This album gave new meaning to the word "blue" ... she allowed us to touch her soul thru her music and so many of us connected to her because of that. She once said that "love is touching souls...surely you've touched mine." Thank you Joni, for allowing us to touch your soul... because surely you've touched mine.   [ed.]  [ed.]